The Expert Factor - Learn How to Research Real Estate
The Expert Factor

What information do buyers and sellers crave? Where do you find it? And how do you convey it in a meaningful way - one that positions you as the expert.

The answers are contained in The Expert Factor. We've developed this powerful system to show you:

  • The key pieces of information you need to research,
  • The most important research sites,
  • Information niches where you can develop expertise,
  • Simple ways to showcase your research for clients.

This comprehensive product includes an audio CD, forms and graphs (note: these require Excel and Publisher for maximum utilization), and a guidebook that will make the process of becoming an expert even simpler.

The Expert Factor
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The Pricing System - How to Price Property
The Pricing System

Expertise in property pricing requires more than knowing how to prepare a standard CMA. After all, every real estate agent out there does that!

Whether they're buying or selling, today's consumers expect - and deserve - your expertise when it comes to assessing the value of what likely is, or may become, their most important asset. We'll teach you a whole new way to look at pricing. This robust solution includes 10 editable pricing templates with supporting spreadsheets, three pricing training audio CDs, pricing manual, and nine pricing props to help you explain the real estate market supply and demand to your sellers.

Help set the stage for a reasonable discussion with your seller on pricing strategy and price reductions and learn new strategies for pricing difficult to compare homes with the Pricing System.

Requires Microsoft Excel and Publisher 2007 edition or newer and requires that you are able to store the files locally on your computer.

The Pricing System
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