Listing Presentation System

Are your listing presentation materials ready to WOW potential sellers and win the listing?

You need the Listing Presentation System powered by The Lones Group!

Everything you need to win your next listing presentation!

"I have 6 new listings coming out in the next 2-6 weeks! " If anyone needs proof that it works, I have never had 6 listings at the same time before, ever!
Susan Shorett
  • Tools to help you build rapport with sellers in a way that showcases your expertise.
  • Materials that highlight your listing process and illustrate the benefits of working with you and your system for photography, print and online marketing, staging and more - all customized to your particular listing system.
  • Tools that help you address the touchy subject of price in a way that raises doubt when another agent provides a price that is unrealistic but attractive to the seller. Never worry about another agent "buying" a listing again!
  • Materials that highlight what you bring to the table in terms of experience, your market stats, your education, and your pledge of service - critical items for addressing that, "Will you cut your commission?" question.
  • PLUS - A series of 9 videos from Denise Lones that break down what makes a successful listing presentation into easily-digestible segments so that you can easily begin making changes right away!

Why is the Listing Presentation System the most valuable purchase you will make this year?

First of all, we don't regard the Listing Presentation System as a purchase. It is an investment in your business and in yourself. A purchase can sit on a shelf and collect dust. When used correctly the Listing Presentation System will make you money time and time again, year in and year out!


  • Going into each listing Presentationp brimming with confidence, knowing that you are the best agent for the job - and you have the materials to prove it.
  • Knowing what to bring to a listing presentation and how to use it effectively.
  • Not being concerned if the seller is interviewing multiple agents.
  • Having the language to overcome objections on price and your fees.
  • Naturally building professional rapport with the seller without having to make small-talk.
  • Wowing the neighbors and securing additional listings without a hard sell.
  • The additional commission dollars that you could earn by making this critical part of your business as smooth as possible.

How Denise Lones developed the Listing Presentation System

Denise Lones, president and founder of The Lones Group, developed her custom Listing Presentation System after her experiences as a new agent in a highly-competitive market. She was very young when she started selling and looked it.

This was a challenge when she went on her first listing appointment. Here is her story:

Walking up to the front of the house, the seller opened the front door, looked behind me like he was hoping someone else was coming with me, and asked, "Are you Denise?"

"Well... yes!" I stammered, unsure of why he was asking in such an incredulous tone.

"You're here to list my home?"

"Yes?" I answered, not liking at all where this was heading.

"Do you even own your own home? Oh wait…you probably still live with your mom and dad, don't you?" he asked in a mocking tone.

In fact, I did still live with my mom and dad. I opened my mouth to answer, but no words came out.

"Come back when you own your own home and know what it is like to be a homeowner!" he said and slammed the door in my face.

Not a great first experience with a listing appointment. I walked quickly to my car as I didn't want him to see the tears that had begun welling up. I drove a block away and began sobbing. At first, I cried because of how powerless I felt.

But then... I started to get mad. And I decided that I was never going to let anyone make me feel that way again. And the best way for someone to overcome an objection about my youth was to make it look like I knew way more about the real estate market than my competition.

I started by developing my Pricing System which evaluated the market, not the property. I developed language that no one else was using. In short order, I became known as that real estate agent who, "does that pricing thing," and I found that I rarely had to argue with sellers about price, because the market did the talking for me. I also began getting calls from sellers that I wasn't even marketing to! Word was getting around and my Pricing System was becoming a hot commodity.

A short time later, I began selling new construction. I noticed that builders put a lot of time, energy, and resources into developing the sales center. In fact, builders wouldn't begin selling a development without it. Sales centers create urgency and justify price. They make buyers feel secure knowing there is a process and professionals there at the ready.

In short, builders inspired me to take both my open houses (a whole other story) and my listing presentation to a whole new level and that is how I developed my highly-effective Listing Presentation System.

How effective was it? I was able to list and sell more than 125 homes a year.

"125 homes a year!?!"

Yes - 125 homes a year! How? Because the majority of my business was listings, that allowed me to leverage my time. I wasn't showing dozens of homes to buyers. I perfected my listing process, showcased what I did with my Listing Presentation System, and let the commission roll in.

I designed the Listing Presentation System to provide you with the tools and confidence to master every listing presentation, whether your goal is to sell ten houses per year, fifty, or more.

That's great Denise, but how will this help my business?

I have been in the real estate industry for over three decades and I have noticed that most real estate agents:

  • Are relying on a combination of generic materials from their company, title companies, and lenders.
  • Haven't updated their listing materials in years (I actually saw a MySpace logo not too long ago).
  • Don't actually have a property marketing system they follow consistently.
  • Are constantly reinventing the wheel, trying services like Matterport one day and Floorplans Online the next.
  • Are relying on the same CMA to get the seller to buy-in on their price, despite the flaws we all know it has.
  • Don't have a way of discussing price or fees that isn't defensive and puts people off.
  • Don't have a process for closing that is effective and memorable.

If this sounds like you, the Listing Presentation System will absolutely transform the way you handle listing presentations in a way that is authentic and natural. No high-pressure sales tactic. No following up in an annoying way wondering if you are bugging the seller to make a decision. The Listing Presentation System is based on service, not sales - which works with ALL seller personality types.

Don't Just Take It From Us!

A happy real estate coaching client of The Lones Group
Alina Araujo
"My business in 2020 was the best year of my career and I know that your system had a HUGE part it in!!!!! So, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! 

I love spreading the word about your company and how it has helped me and in my business! The more people I tell, the better I feel ."
A happy real estate coaching client of The Lones Group
Jane Maxson
"A HUGE Thank You to Denise Lones and her team. I went to a listing presentation yesterday armed with my boards, CMA and a smaller version of my usual presentation. Only an hour went by after I left and the clients called and gave me the listing. They said I blew the competition out of the water with the presentation! So with that, I thank you once again."
A happy real estate branding client of The Lones Group
Kath Hawkes
"Thanks so much for my beautiful boards. I picked them up and used them in a listing appointment this evening. This is the first listing call I have gotten in my farm. They signed all paperwork. I am so excited to get a listing in my farm and this could not be more perfect as it is a very visible location."

The Listing Presentation System Includes

All created in your brand, with content customized to you and your listing system!

Rapport Builders
  • Seller Improvements Checklist
  • Home Conditions Checklist
  • Listing Dollars Checklist
Showcase Your Expertise
  • Visual Bio - Personalized
  • Personal Stats Sheet Shell
  • Experience Book Template
Closing Tools
  • Pledge of Service
  • Update Guarantee
  • Cancellation Guarantee
  • Seller Next Steps
Pricing Tools
  • Now, Realistic, & Optimistic Pricing
  • Shell Game
  • Price Reduction Recommendations
  • Neighborhood Appreciation
  • Marketing Activity Report
  • Local Stats Sheet Shell
Showcase Your Systems
  • Customized Listing Presentation Package
  • Two Listing Presentation System Boards
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Pending to Closing Calendar
  • Listing Presentation Agenda
Rapport Builders
Seller Improvements Checklist
Home Conditions Checklist
Listing Dollars Checklist
Showcase Your Expertise
Personalized Visual Bio
Personal Stats Sheet Shell
Experience Book Template
Closing Tools
Pledge of Service
Update Guarantee
Cancellation Guarantee
Seller Next Steps
Pricing Tools
Now, Realistic, & Optimistic Pricing
Shell Game
Price Reduction Recommendations
Neighborhood Appreciation
Marketing Activity Report
Local Stats Sheet Shell
Showcase Your Systems
Customized Listing Presentation Package
Two Listing Presentation System Boards
Marketing Calendar
Pending-to-Closing Calendar
Presentation Structure
Listing Presentation Agenda

The Listing Presentation System is $3,990

Together, the tools included in this package are valued at almost $6,000! However, if you are already branded by The Lones Group your cost is only $3,990 - a 30% savings! Save even more with a pay-in-full discount or take advantage of our inexpensive in-house financing. You choose the plan that works best for you!

Additional setup fees may apply if we do not have your brand elements on file at The Lones Group. Having a custom branded look is essential to your listing presentation. See below:

Brand Options - If We Didn't Build Your Brand

I have a brand and logo designed by someone else. My brand is already applied to all my materials - house flyers, postcards, listing presentation materials, and more.

We may be able to import your files and establish your brand elements and rules for as little as $250 and we should be able to start your Listing Presentation program right away.

I have a logo and use colors and fonts consistently, but I don't really have what I would call a complete brand.

If you want to include your current logo, fonts, and colors, and just need to establish a layout for your brand and some branding rules, this would fall under our Semi-Custom PRO process which we could start for as little as $1,990. We would want to make sure your brand is solid before starting one of our other programs.

I don't have a logo, colors, or fonts, or I am ready for a fresh start.

We can build a brand for you for as little as $3,990 (though we have complete brand packages available starting at $6,986). Will deliver your Listing Presentation system with your your newly branded templates. If this is you, we recommend starting with a consultation - see below!

For additional information about any of our brand development services or to determine the best plan for your needs schedule a free brand consultation.

But Wait!

"Wow Denise. I just got finished listening to the Pricing System and I just had to tell you that I am already enlightened and empowered!!! In just a couple of hours of listening to you I am already connecting the dots! I cannot wait to get these ratios going so I am ready with something different for my next listing appointment. This really is going to set me apart and I can't wait to put all this information to good use. Thanks so much Denise!"
Lynn Jagosh

We are so confident that the Listing Presentation System is going to revolutionize the way you do your listing presentations that we are also including our highly-effective Pricing System to get you off the fence!

The Pricing System

We'll teach you a whole new way to look at pricing. This robust solution includes:

  • 16 audio tracks of Denise Lones instructing on how to put her powerful system to work
  • Manual that allows you to follow along with the audio
  • 12 Excel files that provide an alternative structure for looking at the market including the heart of the Pricing System - Listing to Pending Ratios
  • 9 Pricing Props to help you explain the real estate market created in your brand

Valued at $497, this is yours for FREE with your purchase of the Listing Presentation System!

Still Not Convinced?

Look, we know this isn't the inexpensive solution you may have been hoping for, but the most effective solutions don't come at $49 a month.

We know that agents struggle when it comes to knowing what makes a great listing presentation and you want a solution that will help you leverage your time and become more of a listing agent.

In fact, did you know that in an average market, a seller takes around 27 hours per transaction?

Buyers? More than 60 - and that is in an average market too! Not a super-hot-inventory-crisis-writing-10-offers-per-buyer market. With our shortage of inventory, lack of new construction, and continued population growth, it may be years when we can expect the market to shift.

Show Me the Math!

Let's assume with the Listing Presentation System, you get three more listings per year. That's it - just three. We are being conservative here because although we are marketing people, but we are also reasonable people. And let's also assume that those three listings are priced at $500,000. At 3% commission, that is an extra $45,000 in your pocket!

Subtract out the $7,990 (assuming you don't have a brand and need to purchase that package) and you are still $37,010 ahead.

That is just year one AND it doesn't include the additional business you will get when you leverage those three new listings!

What if those three additional listings you got in year one means that you can refer out three buyers and they were all buying homes priced at $500,000?

Potential referral income: $11,250 - this is pajama money! You don't need to do anything but give the referral!

Hours gained: 99

What would you do with an extra $11,250 and 99 hours?

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