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Club Call - March 2019 - Taxes Taxes Taxes (sample)

A sample of this month's club call about preparing for taxes.

Club Call - March 2019 - Taxes Taxes Taxes

Strategies for simplifying your tax reporting.

Leased Property - What You Need to Know

What kinds of leases might a buyer encounter in your area? This article can get you started.

Professional Photography - One of the Best Marketing Tools for Your Home

Professional photography is one of the strongest tools in your toolbox

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Club Zebra Pro Coaching Call: April 16

Club Zebra Pro Coaching Call: April 16

Mar 18, 2019

Club Zebra Pro members are invited to our next coaching call this April 16th at 9:00 am Pacific. Our topic will be Reading Your Potential Clients. What do your potential clients need from you? Information? Attention? Rapport? Follow-Up and Consistency? Whether you are at an open house or just got a sign call, how you interact and follow-up is critical. Login and visit the Event Calendar for call-in code details.

March Client Mailer Content has Arrived

March Client Mailer Content has Arrived

Mar 15, 2019

Every month, Club Zebra Pro subscribers receive ready-to-mail content that they can send, attribution free, to their client database.

This March we have three new articles, each in long form and with shortened versions suitable for a jumbo postcard. First up, what your clients should know about leased property and the different kinds of leases, with room for additional information for your market. Next, we have Water-Wise Home Ownership, with advice for buyers on water conservation technologies. Finally, We have a piece for your seller prospects highlighting the power of photography.

Get your March mailer content right here! Not a subscriber? Become part of the herd!

59 Business Building Ideas that Rock, April 23 in Bellevue

59 Business Building Ideas that Rock, April 23 in Bellevue

Mar 4, 2019

This is going to be a fast and furious look into 59 of the best tools to incorporate into your real estate business from the mind of Denise Lones. From easy letters to financial tools to help you simplify the bottom line for buyers, this class will provide you with ideas and solutions to take your business to the next level. Even if you only walk away with one solution to implement, your business will be changed as a result! This class will include:

- Listing Presentation Tools to give you and your sellers confidence

- Technology Tools to make you more efficient and memorable

- Buyer and Seller Tools with ideas for simplifying the process

- Financial Tools to help you get your financial world in order

- Organizational Tools and systems to simplify your business and your life

- Lead Generation Tools to draw in more clients

Super-charge your business this year and give it new energy with new tools and systems!

April 23rd, 9:30am through 12:45pm at Master Builders, 335 116th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98004. $99 event fee includes 3.5 Washington State continuing education credits.


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