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Club Call - October 2019 - Delivering Bad News (sample)

A sample of this month's call on overcoming bad news.

Club Call - October 2019 - Delivering Bad News

How do you frame up a tough conversation and try to end on a positive note?

Qualifying Ratios for Mortgage Pre-Approval

Article discusses debt-to-income and unsecured debt ratios

Home Improvements That Increase Your Home’s Value

Which improvements result in a higher listing price and which don't?

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November's Club Call: The Needle in the Haystack

November's Club Call: The Needle in the Haystack

Nov 6, 2019

Club Zebra Pro members are invited to our next coaching call this November 19th at 9:00am Pacific for The Needle in the Haystack. Our November call is about clients with peculiar needs. They may not be unrealistic about price, but they may be a buyer looking for a type of property that just doesn’t come on the market that often. They could be a seller whose very unique property isn't off-putting, but is just plain weird. How do you put your marketing or reverse-marketing hat on to work with clients and properties like this and what can you do when it is time to for the appraisal? Signed-into your Club Zebra Pro account and visit the event calendar for details.

The Phoenix Factor, Bellevue, November 13-14

The Phoenix Factor, Bellevue, November 13-14

Oct 25, 2019

Have you ever considered figuratively burning your real estate business to the ground so you could start over and simplify? Have you been inspired to reinvent yourself? Do you know there is a more-confident agent inside, just waiting for the opportunity to rise?

Now is your opportunity to join Denise Lones and other agents and brokers just like you ready to redefine their businesses, simplify their systems and processes, and finally achieve the business they knew was within their reach.

The Phoenix Factor is a two-day workshop that focuses on developing skills, strategies, and materials for growing your real estate business.

We begin at 9:00am each day, with breaks through-out the day so that you can stay in touch with your business. Lunch and beverage service included both days. Free parking. Each day ends at 4:30pm in the afternoon. Seating limited to 40 registrations to maintain workshop environment and less than five reservations are left. Our earlier October event has already sold out so don't wait!

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October's Client Mailer Content is Here!

October's Client Mailer Content is Here!

Oct 15, 2019

October, leaves are falling and, depending on where you are this year, you may even have snow already. One thing's for sure though, you do have this month's new content for mailing out to your clients - completely attribution free. This month we have an article for anyone on home improvements, how they differ from maintenance and which ones yield better listing prices. Next, for your buyers, we have an article about pre-approval factors. Your buyers already know that employment, income and finances impact their opportunity to buy, here we pull back the curtain on what else is considered. Finally, we have an article for your prospective sellers on the benefits of a fall home sale. Find all three under Client Content.

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