Although The Lones Group was incorporated in its current structure in 2001, founder Denise Lones has been providing real estate branding services, real estate agent coaching, listing presentation help, campaign savvy, and education for agents and brokers for over three decades. An entrepreneur at heart, with a "contrarian" sensibility, Denise learned long ago that following the herd didn't necessarily lead to success.

"At The Lones Group, we don't believe in cookie-cutter solutions. We believe that each agent is unique and the way you attract new business, conduct a listing or buyer transaction, and provide service to your clients is your signature. Our goal is to make you more of who you are, not mold you into something that isn't a good fit."
Denise Lones
Founder and President

The Lones Group is a natural outgrowth of Denise's passion for improving the lives of our clients. Our team is extraordinary in the levels of experience, enthusiasm, and expertise they bring to the table.

We offer an integrated approach, supplementing branding, live education, special events, and coaching with a wide array of tools and systems to help each client maximize their unique skills and opportunities.

It's been our privilege to have worked with some of the finest real estate agents, owners, brokers, builders, and affiliated industry partners around. Our work inspires and challenges us each and every day. We wouldn't have it any other way!


From design services to education to consulting, we are the secret behind successful real estate businesses. Our technical skills and savvy - coupled with our real-world experience - are exactly what you need to help you reach your goals.

The Lones Group Gives You an Edge

Coach Denise Lones
Denise's 30+ years of experience in real estate, new construction, brokerage management, agent coaching and training, and real estate education.
Branded Solutions
We have built over 900 agent and brokerage brands since 2001, with thousands of solutions built on the agent brands we have created.
Nationwide Know-How
We have built brands for agents, builders, and brokerages across 33 states and three countries.
Coaching at Every Level
We have coached nearly 700 agents across half the United States over the last 20 years and at all levels in the industry.
Proven Systems
Our systems and solutions collection features over 300 ideas and strategies to cover all the processes and campaigns you need to succeed.
Curriculum Driven
Between 2011-2021, Denise taught over 1200 clock hours to thousands of real estate brokers in the Pacific Northwest.
We Know Real Estate
The Lones Group has written over 1,500 industry articles on business improvement since 2001.
Design Experts
Our Design Team has an average of 12 years of design experience per employee and our small team has logged a total of 75 years at the company.

Start Your Journey to Success!

Our talented team works exclusively with the real estate industry and we know what it takes to succeed.

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