Everything You Need to Attract Sellers to Your Real Estate Business!

"I am so grateful that the Lones Group has created my personalized, branded design that I use in all my marketing and communication. My branding sets me apart from the other agents in my very competitive market who send out company-branded materials that looks like everyone else. I am proud that my custom designed, branded materials let people know that this is June Griffiths, I represent myself and my clients in a beautiful and professional manner, and that I will represent them in the same way.

"I love that my beautiful marketing goes out every month like clockwork with minimum effort on my end and looks amazing. Consistent marketing, rather than hit or miss marketing, is key to my success."

June Griffiths
Real Estate Agent

Why LeadMagnet?

  • You need a system for staying in touch with your past clients and database to maximize your referral income.
  • You want to tap into a geographical farm or other niche market and maximize your lead generation marketing investment.
  • Although you know your market, you aren’t a researcher, Excel specialist, or a graphic designer.
  • Your business is too unpredictable to create the materials needed for a campaign with any sort of consistency.
  • You should be selling real estate, not be stuck behind a computer.

How Denise Lones Developed LeadMagnet

Denise Lones, president and founder of The Lones Group, began developing the seeds of her LeadMagnet system when she was a new agent with zero leads. Zero leads, no database, and she was at the point of getting kicked out of her brokerage if she didn't make a sale in the next 60 days.

"I knew there was no way I was going to cold call. I wasn't going to knock on doors. But if someone called me, I was more than happy to help. So, I developed my first campaign for a group of townhomes. I sent them information on local townhomes sales every month, kept them updated on listings and sales in the area, and before long, I had almost all the listings in that farm.

"In short order, I was running campaigns for my database of potential clients and for my three farms. I ran those campaigns consistently, which fed me continuous stream of new and repeat business, which made it possible for me to sell over 125 homes per year. When I finally moved out of the area, I still maintained six figure referral income for several years."

LeadMagnet was built on these principles along with the style of direct mail that today's sellers want.

Don't Just Take It From Us!

A happy real estate branding client of The Lones Group
Kristy LaVigne
"While I may have been a bit skeptical at first, time has proven—without a doubt—how consistent and informative marketing can transform your business. I pride myself on my attention to detail and provide statistics that are relevant and personal to my target audience. I am very proud branding that The Lones Group developed for my company! I absolutely love it!!!"
A happy real estate branding client of The Lones Group
Karen Williams
"My office received a testimonial today from a client who said, "[My] marketing was better than any other they had seen!" They loved my neighborhood board at the open house and the listing letter series. They even called me after the house sold with a question and told me they liked my marketing. Thanks Lones Group! I really appreciate everything you’ve done to help me with my business."
A happy real estate branding client of The Lones Group
Alina Araujo
"My business in 2020 was the best year of my career and I know that your system had a HUGE part it in!!!!! So, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

I love spreading the word about your company and how it has helped me and in my business! The more people I tell, the better I feel ."

LeadMagnet Includes

Intake Strategy Calls
We work with you to create your winning plan - including your brand, goals, budget, layout, content, MLS, and printing options.
Market Domination Media
We create all your mailer templates, including a Quarterly Report and Monthly Mailing Templates, perfected for your target market.
Complete Campaign Management
Every month we gather fresh local market stats, sold properties, and messaging for you. We even coordinate with your mail vendor.
Campaign Mastermind Meetings
Monthly, online, group coaching meetings where we cover mailer critiques, marketing ideas, agent interviews, monthly results, and Q&A advice.
As much as you need to keep on track, ensuring your marketing goes out on time and keeps business pipeline busy with new prospects.
Club Zebra Membership
Weekly Denise Live coaching and monthly Market Survival Guide group meetings and access to our huge resource Vault.
Ongoing Support
Our amazing team is here to help keep the prospecting side of your business moving and fine tune your your campaign as your needs evolve.

LeadMagnet is $659 per Month

We also have add-ons available such as social media, email marketing, blogging, quarterly booklets, and more! Additional set-up fees may apply depending on if we have your current brand elements on file at The Lones Group Print and mailing fees paid separately and directly to your preferred print and mail company.

A $799 setup fee includes creation of your mailing template, formatting your mailing list, setting up printing services, and more. Additional setup fees may apply if we do not have your brand elements on file at The lones Group. Having a custom branded look is essential to your campaign performance. See below:

Brand Options - If We Didn't Build Your Brand

I have a brand and logo designed by someone else. My brand is already applied to all my materials - house flyers, postcards, listing presentation materials, and more.

We may be able to import your files and establish your brand elements and rules for as little as $250 and we should be able to start your LeadMagnet program right away.

I have a logo and use colors and fonts consistently, but I don't really have what I would call a complete brand.

If you want to include your current logo, fonts, and colors, and just need to establish a layout for your brand and some branding rules, this would fall under our Semi-Custom PRO process which we could start for as little as $1,990. We would want to make sure your brand is solid before starting one of our other programs.

I don't have a logo, colors, or fonts, or I am ready for a fresh start.

We can build a brand for you for as little as $3,990 (though we have complete brand packages available starting at $6,986). We would not start LeadMagnet until your brand build is complete. If this is you, we recommend starting with a consultation - see below!

For additional information about any of our brand development services or to determine the best plan for your needs schedule a free brand consultation.

Imagine the peace of mind knowing that your lead generation is going out like clockwork.

No more worrying about whether you are doing enough to generate leads.

No more worrying about gathering data and having to be a data analyzer and graphic designer

No more having to worry about confusing mail terms and forms

When you join LeadMagnet, you can set your worries aside and trust that we will help you dominate your market!

Still Not Convinced?

We understand that your time and money is precious and that maybe you were hoping for something more generic with a cheaper price tag.

But that is exactly the challenge! Sellers are TIRED of generic. They don't want corporate. They want - and NEED! - a local expert. They are begging for it.

They are tired of being told that the market is hot. They are tired of looking up their home value online because they know in their gut it isn't right. Unless you can provide them with a compelling reason to move, based on local proof and data, they aren't going to budge.

It is not realistic to believe that you are going to build templates, learn how to get multiple sets of information out of the MLS, create custom graphs that can tell the story of your market, and make sure your mailer template meets mailing requirements. If you want to make a strong impression with professional and polished materials, you need to SURRENDER and let the professionals handle this for you.

There is a reason it is not in a seller's best interest to For Sale By Owner and there is a reason it is not in your best interest to think that you are going to start an effective lead generation campaign if you haven’t done so already.

We had a client who was difficult to convince, but she finally surrendered and let us help her. Prior to working with us on her farming campaign in early 2022, she had been mailing quarterly to her farm without compelling infographics and as a result, her farm wasn’t really producing. Her new lead generation formula is simple with the quality of what she is sending out really at another level.

How did her business change once she implemented her mailing campaign in 2022? Let’s look at the stats:

  • 2021: 7 total sales (6 buyers, 1 seller)
    2 transactions from past clients, 2 database, 1 open house, 2 online
  • 2022: 9 total sales (1 buyer, 8 sellers)
    2 referral transactions, 3 past clients, 1 database, 2 farm, and 1 sign call
  • 2023: 14 total sales (4 buyers, 10 sellers)
    2 referrals, 5 past clients, 1 database, 6 farm

In terms of her earnings, she increased her gross commission income 144% between 2021 and 2023.

Show Me the Math!

Let’s assume with LeadMagnet, you just get three more listings per year. We are being conservative here because although we are marketing people, we are also reasonable people. We have had agents who have gotten five, nine or fourteen new listings in a year from their LeadMagnet campaigns. Let's also assume that those three listings are priced at $500,000. At 3% commission, that is an extra $45,000 in your pocket!

Subtract out $7,908 and you are still $37,092 ahead.

That is just year one AND it doesn't include the additional business you will get when you leverage those three new listings!

What if those three additional listings you got in year one means that you can refer out three buyers and they were all buying homes priced at $500,000?

Potential referral income: $11,250 - this is pajama money! You don't need to do anything but give the referral!

Hours gained: 99

What would you do with an extra $11,250 and 99 hours?

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