What is a brand?

A brand is a visual representation of your business. It tells your story, why you are different or better than your competition, and can highlight your speciality. It serves as a memory marker, so when someone sees your font, color or logo, they think of you.

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Our Designer Portfolio

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Loral Krutsinger
Kamila Kennedy
Jayna Pascua
Brenda Jones
Eric MacDonald
IH Realty
McGuire Partners
Cheryl Darlington
Melissa Harris
Cosmina Hertog
Cindy & Richard Hull
Jayna Pascua
Kurt Kreager
Kris LaBrie
Sandy Lane
Maura Larson
Lynly Callaway
Alyssa Mathisen
Chris & Kelly
Sonya McKinney
The Messa Group
John Mulhall & Jana Palin
Home Cal Group
Teresa Nielsen
Gary Nims
Colette Rarden
Crista Robertson & Nicole Noyola
Wendy Severson
Korey Staley
Terry Vehrs
Angie Vezina
Teresa Willard
Aaron & Karen Zehm
Kari Zimmerman
Joseph Klarman & Erik Zaugg
Michael Atangan
Rhonda Bleck
Kristin Bushnell
Cindy Clark

How It Works

Easily share your design preferences
We create your custom logo & layout
Receive your branded systems

Optional Branded Solutions

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Listing Presentation
Open Houses
Buyer Tools
Geographical Farming
Lead Generation
Online Presence

Real Estate Agents Us

"The Lones Group has been overwhelmingly the best thing I have ever done for my business."
Gary Nims
"I feel blessed to have you in my corner for all my new marketing materials."
Francine Schneider
"I am so impressed with everything and the level of professionalism has been beyond expectation."
Regina Bronner
"I'm a client for life. Love how much you all help."
Kristin Bushnell
"Oh my goodness. It's a million times better than I envisioned! I'll print and stare at them over the weekend. It's amazing."
Jen Hudson
"The Lones Group nailed it. They worked through the details until I was completely satisfied."
Lynly Callaway
"Their intimate knowledge of the marketing necessary to be successful in real estate has been a tremendous help to me."
Al Chochon
"The Lones Group produced a refined business image and marketing set that will take me forward for many years."
Sue Leonard
"I am thrilled and I couldn't be happer with my marketing materials."
April Huizenga
"They let me go at my pace and truly wanted to make sure I was completely pleased with the result. Love it!!"
Carol Jarrett
"After only two-months of using my new marketing, the response I have received has exceeded by expectations."
Joseph Fisher
"Every time someone receives my marketing they will instantly know it is from me, instead of looking like all the other real estate agents out there."
Kate Pedersen
"The best investment I have ever done for my real estate career. They did an incredibly professional job."
Lesli Beasley
"You helped me become a better leader by providing exceptional tools, training, and support to excel in the real estate industry."
Doug Simcock
"Denise's staff is outstanding! They follow-up consistently, are always courteous and continually go the extra mile."
Norma Miller
"I heartily recommend Denise and the Lones Group if you would like to take your business to the next level and beyond!"
Shelia Simmons
"I went to a listing armed with my boards, they said I blew the competition out of the water with my presentation! Thank you once again."
Jane Maxson
"Denise and her team at The Lones Group are truly the experts when it comes to Real Estate marketing, promotion and market knowledge."
Joe Bauman
"My marketing is absolutely fantastic! The design and colors convey so much of what I love and feel that I smile every time I look at a piece."
Sherry Lane
"I love love love loooooove my new refresh! It really needed to be reworked and I am so very proud of the way to looks!"
Sharon Glaatz-Scott
"I so appreciate everything that you do! Best decision I have ever made!"
Andrea Schmidt
"Thank you! I love it!! Your team is wonderful and so easy to work with!"
Ann Hoppe
"My new marketing materials look amazing. My seller called to say the marketing is striking and so unique it stands out!"
Ezzie Anderson
"After looking at my proofs, I have perma-grin. My face hurts, but I just can't stop smiling. Thank you! Thanks so much for my beautiful brand."
Kathryn Hawkes
"I fell in love with my brand, I want to show the world who I am now. I feel very polished and professional."
Kate Pedersen

Branding Packages

Semi-Custom PRO

Only $349/mo for 14 months
Brand Consultation
Choose from 30 layouts
Custom name graphic
Custom colors & fonts
3-System Toolbox
Live with Denise
Club Zebra PRO
6 Bonus Credits


Only $499/mo for 14 months
Brand Consultation
Fully custom design
Custom logo package
Custom colors & fonts
3-System Toolbox
Live with Denise
Club Zebra PRO
6 Bonus Credits

Benefits of Branding

What can branding do for your business?

Make you more efficient
Streamline your systems
Build credibility
Boost professionalism
Create Consistency
Fine-tune your message
Increase recognition
Make you stand out
Raise confidence
Highlight skills
Boost online presence
Build brand equity
Generate excitement
Simplify home marketing
Increase your value
Win more listings
Attract more leads
Conquer your niche