We offer seminars on a wide variety of topics, many of them available with Washington State continuing education credits. To learn more about how to bring Denise Lones to your educational event, visit our How to Book Denise Lones page and download our Speaker Package.

This school licensed and approved under RCW 18.85 by the State of Washington. All inquiries regarding this and any other real estate school may be made to:

Department of Real Estate, PO Box 9021, Olympia, WA 98507

Turning Memorable Marketing Into Your Money Magnet

3.5 or 7.5 Washington State continuing education credits

The real estate industry has seen its share of boom and bust moments over the last several years leaving agents both tired and frustrated. Agents who employ the Memorable Marketing principles are much less likely to be affected by an ever-changing market. Keep your pipeline brimming and the deals coming by learning how to market yourself and your properties in a way that suits your unique business model. Memorable marketing means money in the bank! At this class agents will learn:

  • The power of powerful visual marketing and consistency
  • How to create a marketing message that matches your personal style, client base, and market
  • The eight basic design styles, how they are used across industries, and how our perception about a product changes with different design styles applied
  • How to solve the common problems that most agents face such as lead generation, client follow-up, technology, and property marketing with a full marketing "toolbox" of systems.

Discover marketing strategies that mesh with your agent's personality and have a memorable impact on your clients.

Lead Generation Strategies that Work

3.5 Washington State continuing education credits

Do your agents have a lead generation system that works as a "faucet" which they can turn on and off as needed? And if they do have some sort of lead generation, does it feel comfortable and natural to them? If not, they need this class! Participants in "Lead Generation Strategies That Work" will learn:

  • Why lead generation is critical in today's real estate market,
  • What kind of prospecting today's buyers and sellers are receptive to,
  • Which lead generation system is best suited for differing personality types,
  • How to identify and develop strong "faucets",
  • How to create a lead generation system that really works, and
  • How to maximize lead generation results.

If consistent income is an important goal in your office, this class will help make that happen!

Lose Your Aversion to Conversion

3.0 Washington State continuing education credits

Today's market is forcing agents to rethink how they've been doing business. Anything but a red-hot market requires consistency in lead generation and follow-up in order to create "now" business. Lose Your Aversion to Conversion will show agents how to generate more business by leveraging their sphere of influence and their database in a whole new way.

Your agent will learn how to:

  • Create a focused, strategic plan for increasing income now,
  • Recognize three types of clients - and what each brings to a transaction pipeline,
  • Market effectively to each type of client to maximize efforts,
  • Implement a tracking system to identify "right now" opportunities, and
  • Engage those "maybe someday" clients into "right now" clients.

Agents will leave class understanding exactly what's required to nurture their pipeline and create strong relationships which will lead to future income opportunities. The majority of agents who've taken this class have discovered "right now" money previously hidden in their pipeline!

State of the Market

3.5 Washington State continuing education credits

The housing market is affected by a number of outside forces: employment and the job market, trade, interest rates, political policies, consumer confidence, and more. Therefore, when evaluating what lies ahead in the future, it is important to look for the clues that might indicate whether change is afoot or there are clear skies ahead.

Because there is not a single answer to the question, “How is the real estate market doing?” agents struggle to answer questions from clients about what the future will bring.

Using national, regional, and local data, we will share information about historical and current conditions that will provide insight as to where we might be by next year-end. We will review up-and-coming opportunities for brokers to explore as well as trends they can expect to see. Point-by-point, we will share our predictions on numerous data sets and brokers will discover how to help their clients put the real estate market in perspective in this important class!

An Unforgettable Open House

3.5 Washington State continuing education credits

Think open houses aren't effective in today's tech-driven society? Think again!

Our Unforgettable Open House class will teach agents how to design and conduct a truly unforgettable open house. They'll learn the secret "props" needed for success, and how to captivate open house visitors. And they'll discover the art of truly showing a home, rather than simply standing in the kitchen while potential clients walk in (and out!) the door, and learn the secret to capturing client contact information, without seeming like a pushy salesperson!

This memorable class is the first step in creating an unforgettable open house experience - one that will generate amazing opportunities for your agents and your office!

Conquering Conflict Through Win-Win Negotiating

3.5 Washington State continuing education credits

The market has changed! It's harder to put transactions together and equally hard to keep them together. Real estate negotiations have become more prolonged, more difficult, and more filled with conflict. Are your agent's negotiation and conflict resolution skills as sharp as they could be?

If not, they're missing opportunities and probably not enjoying their business and personal life as much as they could. Join us for Conquering Conflict and learn how to:

  • View objections as opportunities,
  • Prepare your clients for negotiations,
  • Deal with deadlocks,
  • Lose the fear of hearing "no",
  • Avoid serious impasses,
  • Persuade others to work with - not against - their agents and 'the other side',
  • Predict the other side's reaction, and prepare for it,
  • Manage negotiations based on personality styles, and
  • Say "yes" while saying "no".

An agent's success in this business will depend on their negotiation skills. Skills learned in this class will help them in every aspect of their life and business. By the end of class they'll never again confuse an "objection" with an "obstacle"!

It's All About Price

3.5 Washington State continuing education credits

Gone are the days of "guestimating" a price, putting a property in the MLS, and pulling in multiple offers. Today's successful listing agent must understand how to price homes in today's market.

Pricing is an area of expertise for Denise, and she's here to share an overview of this complex topic to help your agents get listings sold. You will learn:

  • The five main reasons homes are overpriced,
  • The critical factors that affect price,
  • Why they need more than a standard CMA if they're going to be successful at pricing,
  • How to determine if agents are working in a "buyers", "sellers", or "balanced" market,
  • How to calculate absorption ratios and listing-to-pending ratios,
  • The psychology of sellers,
  • How to set the stage for the pricing discussion,
  • Handling objections,

And much more! If you're tired of listings that don't sell, attend this class!

Everything You Need to Know About New Construction

As Americans, we're driven to own everything "brand new." Nowhere is this more obvious than in the world of residential real estate.

That's part of the reason that many parts of the country have seen such huge increases in new home construction over the past decade. And with increased development comes increased opportunity for the agent who understands what's involved in successfully selling new construction.

New construction is an area of special interest to Denise, and she's here to share:

  • Which of the three "types" of builders is the best fit for an agent's personality and skill set,
  • Finding the right builder,
  • How to work with builders - what to do (and what not to do!),
  • The importance of creating a builder marketing plan,
  • The psychology of "new" versus resale,
  • What to include in an on-site sales program,
  • Building buyer loyalty with an after-sale program,
  • The importance of market research,
  • The art of showing new construction homes, and
  • How to create an effective marketing campaign for new construction homes.

If you ever thought about working with builders, this class is a MUST!

Business Planning that Gets Results

Are your agents always thinking of creating a business plan for the next year, but then they never do? Maybe they don't even understand the value of it? Maybe they sit down for a few hours and create the most perfect business plan, but then it winds up on a shelf collecting dust. Traditional business plans don't work because they are simply ideas and goals without an action plan attached.

Denise brings energy, inspiration and proven strategies for lifting agents out of the "go-nowhere" business planning mire. Discover the power of action plans that deliver real results! In this class agents will:

  • Learn how to move beyond basic goal setting and begin building a business plan that will have them focused and taking action.
  • Create a list of the one-time and ongoing tasks for their business which will bring them years of success once mastered.
  • Help them develop a plan for easily managing tasks and keeping on track.
  • Create a set of rules for their business that will helps them stay true to not only their business goals, but their quality of life goals as well.
  • Take a close look at finances and the other business skills not taught in real estate school.
  • Design a real business plan that addresses both the "big picture" of their business needs and the day-to-day tools that will make their business a success.

If your agents need successful, actionable plans that will help them actually accomplish their goals, then bring Business Planning That Gets Results to your office. Business planning workbook is included along with easy-to-use financial worksheets.

A-Z of Working With Buyers

The real estate market is in a period of flux. Savvy agents are sharpening their skills and focusing on the potential with buyers. This class will show EVERYTHING you need to build a strong, successful buyer-based business. By the end of class agents will know how to:

  • Create a buyer's package that will make phones ring,
  • Create a powerful buyer's presentation,
  • Convince buyers to work with you, not the competition,
  • Determine if/when to use a buyer agency agreement,
  • Build buyer loyalty,
  • Negotiate with buyers,
  • Create a tour that will get buyers off the fence,
  • Create urgency in buyers,
  • Master the art of showing homes

Learn the advanced buyer presentations, programs, and techniques that will help you succeed in today's market.

ENOUGH! It's Time for a Change

3.5 Washington State continuing education credits

Do you feel as though you are working hard, but not getting results? Is it a struggle to find clients? Is follow-up a challenge? Are you ready to really make the changes needed in their business? Are you ready for success? If you answered "yes" to even one of these questions, join us for 3˝ amazing hours that will change your business.

Making Money with Today's Technology

3.5 Washington State continuing education credits

Today's successful real estate agent must understand what role technology plays in their client's lives, and how to embrace the ever-changing internet to create a successful business. Agents will leave class with knowledge of:

  • The key elements of online lead generation and how to make them work,
  • How create a powerful listing presentation that showcases web tools,
  • Effective web tools for client care, marketing, and transaction management,
  • The three most important new tech tools needed in your agents' toolbox, and
  • How the new social network can put money in your agents' pockets.

Stop feeling overwhelmed by technology, and learn how to put the web to work for you!

Captivate, Convert, Ka-ching!: The Art of the Successful Listing Presentation

7.0 Washington State continuing education credits

This class is for the agent who struggles to articulate pricing, lacks structure in their presentations, feels like their sellers are running the show, isn't sure if they're talking about the issues of most importance to the seller, and / or doesn't get the listing as often as they would like. In class we'll cover:

  • What is a "prop", and when / how to use them,
  • The power of an agenda,
  • The five categories you must cover to "wow!" sellers
  • The power of objections,
  • Communication styles / personalities,
  • How to win when competing, and
  • Closing strategies.
  • If you are struggling to articulate your value, don't have a solid listing presentation, and aren't converting seller appointments, this class offers solid solutions.

Camp Conflict: Your Blueprint to Move from Frustration to Resolution in Five Easy Steps

A wise man once said: "Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional."

We couldn't agree more. Although it's been called "the modern plague", conflict has been a part of every life since time began! As our world becomes more complicated, more compacted through the effects of technology, and more stressful on every level, conflict seems to be lurking around every corner.

Camp Conflict is a revolutionary program specifically designed to deliver not only ideas for thinking about conflict differently, but also real-life applications for moving past the roadblocks to achieve success, regardless of your end-goal. Whether you're a new agent or a seasoned veteran, this class is critical to your success.

Whether you face conflict at work, at home, or within your circle of friends and acquaintances, join us to learn exactly how to:

  • Identify your mind-set about conflict and the challenges you bring to the table,
  • Relearn the body language that can undo all your efforts to work through high-conflict situations, and
  • Prepare and deliver that single, effective phrase which will diffuse conflict, while still sounding authentically "you".

Have you ever had the gut-wrenching feeling when you had a tough client to deal with - one who was going to roast you over the coals? If you are like most agents, they likely either adopted a "fight" or "flight" mentality and neither is appropriate to resolve conflict. Using the information we'll share, the next time you face conflict you will be able to remain strong, calm, and firm - without losing your dignity - or your mind!

From WWII to Wii: What You Need to Know About Generational Selling

Every real estate agent today must know how to work with each of the six different generations: The GI Generation, The Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y (Millenials), and Generation Z (the Digital Generation). Their wants and needs are very different, based on their life experiences, the influencers that have made the most impact on their decision-making processes, and the way they think about buying and selling real estate. Join us to learn:

  • The similarities and differences between the six generations,
  • How each generation is influenced by the events in their lives,
  • The most effective ways to work with, and counsel, each generation in terms of buying and selling real estate, and
  • The very best ways of communicating with each generation.

How Sturdy is Your Bridge? Successfully Spanning The Personality Gaps

All people can be grouped into one of four primary personality styles. Think personality styles aren't important? Think again! Your' ability to understand your own personality - as well as the personalities of your clients, colleagues, and competitors - could be the difference between success and failure. Denise will teach:

  • The characteristics of all four personality styles,
  • What each personality type wants (and expects!) in their real estate agent,
  • What each personality type is attracted to, and repelled by, and
  • How to effectively negotiate based on personality type

This is a dynamic class that will encourage discussion and thought about how we are perceived by others, and how to bridge the gap between different personalities.

Fabulous Follow-up: Five Steps to Creating the Income You Crave

You've probably heard the statistic that it's five to eight times as expensive to find a new client as it is to retain an existing client. Client retention is the most important thing you can do to keep your business strong and great follow-up is one of the most critical parts of client care. We'll talk about:

  • Why follow-up is so critical,
  • Follow-up before, during, and after a transaction,
  • The five worst follow-up mistakes agents make,
  • How much follow-up is too much and how much is not enough,
  • The role of consistency,
  • The powerful results available with the '36-Point System', and
  • The top ten follow-up tools you need in your business.

Join us to learn how to leverage your existing clients into a truly phenomenal business.

Don't Just Survive - Thrive! The Broker Blueprint For Leading Your Office to Market Domination

The last several years have been challenging ones in our industry, and no one knows that better than managing brokers and owners! In her past life as a broker, Denise took her office from #9 in the market to the #1 position - in just 18 months! Don't miss this opportunity to hear Denise talk about:

  • Increasing market share, agent productivity, and office profitability - regardless of the market!
  • Recruiting and retaining the agents you want,
  • Managing your office listings,
  • Setting goals for communication, income, marketing and production,
  • The three categories of agents (new, seasoned, and experienced) and what each need from you,
  • Running effective sales meetings, and
  • Dialogues that move your agents to their fullest potential.

You won't want to go another day without your new "blueprint" for success!

Analyze! Visualize! Strategize!

7.5 Washington State continuing education credits

What is working in your business? What systems need improvement? Do you have a clear vision for your business or do you find yourself being carried by the wave of "now" business? We invite you to take the time to sit down and create an action plan that you can rely on week in and week out. We will provide you with prework, the plan and the schedule to build the plan. All you need is to apply some elbow grease when it is done to implement and reap the rewards! You will:

  • Analyze your past years' business via the Agent GCI & Activity prework
  • Determine what is working in your business that you should be doing more of
  • Determine what isn't working in your business that you need another solution for
  • Determine realistic goals for commission, days on market, list to sales price ratio, transaction units (buyers versus listings) and expenses
  • Create a rules in your business that will help you stay true to your business vision and personal goals
  • Solidify the systems you need for database follow-up, lead generation, potential client follow-up, and the tools to help you be profitable
  • Create a schedule of the one-time and ongoing tasks in your business which will bring you years of success once mastered

Don't jeopardize your real estate future! Optimize your business for success. Business Planning workbook is included along with easy-to-use worksheets and Agent GCI & Activity prework.

Denise Unleashed!

We will "unleash" Denise to provide honest commentary about what your agents need to do in their businesses right now. You provide the problems... and Denise will provide solutions, offering dialogue and strategies for any client problems your agents are facing in their business, no matter how challenging. Go ahead and hit Denise with your best shot!!!