Neighborhood Open House Invitation Letter

Neighborhood Open House Invitation Letter

Can your real estate invitation letters draw more buzz? A special invitation to the neighbors should be part of your plan. We’ve made it easy for you by creating the letter template. Simply add your open house details and contact information!

In real estate, the wording of a letter is straight-forward, formal and informative. It should make it easy for invitees to find the information they need to attend, while working in some of the more enticing details about the home.

The invitation letter template includes in red text any portions you may want to modify, from contact information and open house dates to the sales pitch itself. For example, the text reads “exquisite attention to detail that went into the crafting of this very special home.” This statement is true for many listings, but including some of the top features such as square footage, location, and amenities work well to entice buyers. Keep details simple, just one or two sentences to whet their appetites. Be careful with your wording: the text should be simple yet enticing.

Before sending, glance over the letter for accuracy and to make sure all of the most exciting details are outlined in the letter.

The Open House Invitation is the second in the Neighborhood New Listing Series that The Lones Group has developed in order to build local buzz around a real estate listing, building both foot traffic and word of mouth advertising. Starting the conversation early not only gets buyers in the door but encourages interested buyers to close before the house is taken.