RealtySocialQ - The Social Media Analysis

How is technology impacting your business? Are you on the cutting edge or are you stuck in the past? Our RealtySocialQ evaluation provides an objective review of the current state of your technology relative to your business. We'll look at your use of websites, blogs, hardware, software, syndication, videos, networking, and social media, as well as reputation and risk management. Based on the information you provide, we'll determine your social media "score" and provide you with concrete action items - specific suggestions for actions that can translate into success.

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Personality Analysis

Our assessment has been developed to help you relate your authentic self to your work as a real estate agent. We'll share data about all four personality styles - including strengths and shortcomings of each style - as well as the tendencies of each whether they are a buyer or a seller. And we'll include details about how each style can successfully sell to other styles.

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Design Style Analysis

What resonates with you? Is it the drama of strong ebony paired with crisp white? Does the softness of petal pink and soft lavender flowers make your heart sing? Are you drawn to timeless combinations such as blue and yellow... or a hip palette of lime green and orange? Colors definitely play a part in your design style too.

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