Mastery Forums

Mastery Forums are short webinars that are hosted weekly for our coaching members. Each features a presentation on a topic that we commonly receive questions about and is ten to twenty minutes long. Attendees are also able to participate in the question-anwer session that follows the webinar presentation.

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3 Ways to Discover Shareable Real Estate Content

Whether you are a blogger looking for ideas for your next masterpiece or just need something interesting to share to your Facebook page, having a regular source of content is useful, demonstrates how you are connected to your industry, and helps inform and build your base of followers. Learn three ways that you can reliably discover shareable news at today's Mastery Forum.

5 Tips for Writing a Captivating Headline

Whether you create content for a blog or just need a great introductory sentence for your listings, Shauna will provide you with a formula for writing headlines that will send your writer’s block to the curb and empower your creativity. She will also share her list of go-to words and phrases that compel people to action.

Adobe InDesign: A Beginner's Guide

Join Shauna as she provides you with information on opening your files and link management, font management, color management, and of course, how to work with text and graphics.

Adobe InDesign: Advanced Editing

In this webinar, Shauna will cover some more-advanced features of InDesign including: advanced text formatting, strokes and fill options, transparency options, working with photo boxes, text wrap, text align, adding hyperlinks, PDF and saving options.

Annual Client Review

Want to connect with your past clients and keep connected to what is going on with their property? Denise reviews a cornerstone of her real estate career - the annual client review! Learn why a report like this is important, options for scheduling yours, the information it needs to include for WOW impact, and the communication around the review.

Battling the Database Doldrums

Join CEO Shauna Naf in this start-to-finish tour of creating a monthly mailer piece in Microsoft Publisher. We'll be sharing lots of great ideas for content and cover all the details of exactly how you can put together a monthly mailer, starting from a blank branded article template. If you have received your branding from us and are looking for an in-depth guide to creating your first mailer, this is a must watch video for you.

Bing Places for Business

Bing powers 33% of all online searches and offers business listings which are shown in search results, in Bing Maps, and which are used by Microsoft's digital assistant, Cortana. In this webinar we will show you how to setup a Bing business listing to extend your online visibility.

Business Planning for Real Estate Agents

Join Denise Lones for a comprehensive look at the building blocks for a business plan, we'll be covering marketing, follow-up, education, business rules and time-off.

Checking Your Checklists

Do you find yourself "winging it" every transaction? Or is your entire process in your head? Whether you are just getting your list of "to dos" together or have been in the business for years, redefining and refining your process can save you time and headaches. We are going to go over creating your very own checklists for the following processes: new listings, New buyers, buyer offers, pending to closing for both buyers and sellers.

Choosing a Geographical Farm Area

If you have ever wanted to develop a geographical farm, but aren't sure how to get started, join Shauna as she delves into the things to consider. From finding areas with a good sales history to actually procuring a list, determining your budget and size options, Shauna will cover it all. Get ready!

Choosing a Printing Vendor

Join Shauna for an exploration of print vendors. In this webinar we'll look at a variety of vendors, both on and offline. We'll discuss what to look for when choosing a vendor, questions you should ask before you commit, and what information you can provide to your new vendor to get your printing relationship off to a great start.

Client Appreciation Events

Have you always wanted to have an event but not sure how to go about it? Don’t want to be the center of attention, but want a way to connect with your past clients? There are so many different ways to show appreciation to your past clients. Join Denise as she reviews some great ways to connect live and how to plan a successful event.

Client Questions That Make You Cringe

We've all heard them, even if you've only been licensed for a few months, it's the questions that clients and prospects ask you that make you cringe inside. Clients who want commission discounts, sellers who don't want to do repairs to their home, buyers who demand everything on an inspection be fixed. It's enough to drive an agent crazy! Listen in to how you can effectively approach these situations as we role play through these scenarios and more.

Conflict with Clients

Conflict that arises during a transaction is almost inevitable. With clients buying or selling what is largely their largest asset, financial requirements from a lender with stringent standards, and deadlines down to the wire, conflict with clients is bound to happen. However, how do you stay composed and assume the role of a problem-solver without succumbing to the drama yourself? Denise will be addressing this question and more in this Mastery Forum.

Conflict with Other Agents

When agents represent their clients' needs and these needs differ from your clients', there is bound to be conflict! However, sometimes this conflict rises above mere negotiations. How do you keep a cool head and keep conflict from getting ugly? Watch this Mastery Forum webinar recording and learn how from Denise!

Create a Holiday Card with Your Brand

The holidays are coming! Want to make a festive statement from your business? Join Shauna as she shows you how to start with a fun business photo and create a memorable holiday marketing piece with a few different templates to suit different print options.

Creating a Camera Presence, Part 1

We will be discussing the importance of bringing out your natural style in your videos. You will learn the importance of: story boarding to create interesting videos, dos and don’ts to showcase your style, pacing to keep the viewer intrigued.

Creating a Camera Presence, Part 2

Previously, in part one, we covered story boarding and pacing. In this webinar you will learn the latest software that is making it easier for agents to edit videos and how to create a video plan to boost your business.

Creating a Google My Business Listing

Without a strong search engine presence, when people search for you by name they may think you aren't serious about your business. The single best way to dominate searches for your business is by claiming a Google My Business profile. We'll show you how and the many benefits included in this crucial online marketing presence.

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