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May 19, 2022

How to Create a Campaign Plan

I’ve worked with a lot of agents who have big, sparkly campaign goals. For example, they wanted to start a blog or have a regular video feature on their website. However, if you think you can execute a plan that is mood-based, it’s not going to happen.

Instead, you need to have a realistic plan with a realistic time-line. You also need content ideas set up before you even start. When you’re up against a deadline, it’s far easier to follow the steps you’ve prepared than to think of something on the spot. (This is especially true for digital content creation!)

Here’s an example: A few years ago, a client came to me and said, “I really want to start posting several videos every week.”

“That’s a worthy goal,” I said, “But tell me what your average week looks like now. Can you realistically and consistently fit that work in every week? What if the market picks up? What if a transaction gets demanding?”

Turns out, they didn’t have a lot of extra time to film, edit, post, and promote their videos. So instead, I told them to plan for interruptions and a start-and-stop schedule—as in they may have to stop making videos because a client needs them elsewhere. The point is that planning effectively requires a realistic guideline.

Together, this client and I put together a video plan for 1 year. In that 1-year plan, we chopped it up even further to make content creation easy by setting a theme for each month. By planning the theme for each month, you can stock-pile little ideas when they come to you and then have a lot of content the month you need it. Each week was set to post 1 or 2 videos, which adds up to 4-8 videos a month.

That doesn’t mean you need every week be perfect in order to schedule this video creation. Instead, you can get 4 videos done at once and post them throughout the month. You can set aside a “video creation day” once or twice a month to get this done. That is so much easier than trying to do everything on the due date several times a week. Don’t try to schedule your content creation for every Monday at 9:00am, because I guarantee you that something will come up at that time to derail your plans.

Whether you want to make a video campaign, a social media campaign, a blogging campaign, or a digital ad campaign, the secret is to break it into manageable piece and plan for unexpected interruptions. Those interruptions can be spontaneous (like software failure, a client emergency, or getting sick) or predicted (like a vacation or the seasonal market rush). Realistically set aside time each month to get all 4 videos done based on the demands of that month. Plan a back-up time as well, in case things go sideways.

Finally, have a plan for when you drop the ball. Unexpected things happen, so don’t let one bad month destroy your whole campaign. Maybe you need to re-schedule that month’s theme or combine it with another month. Don’t get discouraged—you planned for this! Take a deep breath, adjust the plan, and carry on.

By taking the plan from a big, labor-intensive, scary project, and breaking it into little chunks, it made the goal easier to achieve on a consistent basis. Having a campaign plan that accounts for your realistic time-line and adds in a little grace for when things inevitably take a turn is the best way to achieve your marketing goals.

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