Safari - Two-Day Coaching for Real Estate Agents

Where is your business today? Is it thriving? Or are you watching other agents thrive while you are having challenges reaching your stride?

What our Attendees Say

Safari offers an in-depth look at how to build long-term, sustainable success into your business. Forget about the "one-size-fits-all" plans you've heard about from other coaches! Throw away your scripts! No more pat formulas and acronyms to remember! We're going to help you lay the foundations for success using the most important building block you have - you!

Our passion is helping real estate agents, which is why we offer our Safari events. We want you to attend, develop new skills, and experience a fresh outlook on your profession. Nationally recognized real estate expert, Denise Lones, brings energy, authenticity and decades of proven technique to our Safari attendees with the goal of helping you overcome the business hurdles that are holding you back.

If your business isn't exactly where you want it to be, join us at our next Safari event: Total Transformation: Proven Systems - A Customized Approach!

Day 1

  • Learn the unique traits of your personality type and how you can build a winning real estate model based on them.
  • Identify your natural work pace and how to build a sustainable business that works around your ebbs and flows.
  • Turn your strengths into opportunities for your business and build a foundation for overcoming your weaknesses.
  • Look at goals in your business a whole new way!
  • Understand how - and why - developing a strong brand can be the most effective thing you do for your business

Day 2

  • Develop your custom "income generators" that you'll find painless to execute.
  • Create a winning formula for increasing your referrals without ever having to ask for a referral again!
  • Determine the one-time and on-going tasks that you need to follow in your business to have the income and time-off that you want - and deserve!
  • We will help you solve any problem in your business with our easy-to-follow problem/solution formula.
  • Finalize your unique action plan that leverages your natural strengths and abilities.
  • Overcome those final obstacles that may be holding you back.

Registration & Upcoming Dates

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Thank you to all of our awesome attendees who helped fill every available seat of our last 16 Safari events! We hope to see you again at a future Safari.