After years of working with agents and brokers across the country we can promise you that there are two things that most agents struggle with - real estate lead generation, and client care / follow-up.

Of course, we have solutions for both challenges! Some of these solutions may be new to you. We encourage you to think outside the box about the kinds of experiences you can deliver to clients.

Annual Client Review Client Care - A real estate agent follow-up tool
Annual Client Review Client Care System

If you are looking for an effective way to build value with your past clients, show them your commitment to five star client care by providing an Annual Client Review! An Annual Client Review shows your past clients that you keep up on what is happening in the real estate market in their neighborhood. You would not believe the number of calls and referrals an Annual Client Review can produce!

This is not a CMA! It's a great way to keep in touch with your client, while positioning yourself as an expert.

This system contains:

  • Manual outlining why and how to create a five star client care plan that will impress your sphere and past clients
  • The Annual Client Review Microsoft Publisher template and linked Microsoft Excel files containing all the formulas you need to build your Review
  • Instructions and tutorial videos on editing the templates

Add The Annual Client Review Client Care System to your cart today and wow your past clients!

Requires Microsoft® Publisher and Excel 2003 or later.

Annual Client Review Client Care System
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36 Point System - A Follow-Up System for Real Estate Sales Success
36 Point System

Of course you've heard everyone say you have to keep "top of mind" with your past, present, and potential clients. But how much follow-up is "too much" and how much is "not enough?"

Our 36-Point System answers those questions, and more! Let us take the mystery out of follow-up. We'll share a proven strategy for managing follow up, and help you understand how many "points" you need to earn with clients each year to achieve your income goals.

You'll also learn the secrets of successful follow-up, including exactly which items to mail to clients, and which will never position you as a real estate "expert."

36 Point System
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