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We have a saying in our offices... "analyze to maximize."

It's pretty simple, really. Without an objective analysis of your skills, natural style, and past experiences you're a lot less likely to make forward progress.

We are so committed to agents understanding their natural personality styles that we are making our available to you free of charge! This quick assessment will give you great insight into your style.

And our Business Analysis is a great partnering tool. A small investment of will provide you a wealth of information about your current business.

Personality Analysis
Personality Assessment

Discover your authentic self!

Too often, we find ourselves doing a task, because we've been told it's the path to success.

But here's the truth: although we are all unique individuals, each of us fits into one of four personality "styles" - and those styles dramatically impact our lives. They also play a big part in determining whether an activity is the "right" one for our personality!

Tired of hearing that you "must" do open houses? While they are a great fit for about 80% of all real estate agents, the other 20% is best suited by finding other types of lead generation.

How about "closing" clients? Do you understand how to adjust your style to best sell to other styles?

You may have taken a personality assessment in the past. But our assessment has been developed to help you relate your authentic self to your work as a real estate agent. We'll share data about all four personality styles - including strengths and shortcomings of each style - as well as the tendencies of each whether they are a buyer or a seller. And we'll include details about how each style can successfully sell to other styles.

Armed with this knowledge, you'll have insight not only about yourself, but will better understand your buyers, your sellers, and the agent on the other side of the table!

Sound interesting? Take the first step toward maximizing your authentic self - and your success - with our FREE Personality Assessment!

Personality Assessment
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RealtySocialQ - The Social Media Test
RealtySocialQ Evaluation

How is technology impacting your business?  Are you on the cutting edge?

Or are you stuck in the past?

Our RealtySocialQ Assessment provides an objective review of the current state of your technology relative to your business.

We'll look at your use of websites, blogs, hardware, software, syndication, videos, networking, and social media, as well as reputation and risk management.  Based on the information you provide, we'll determine your social media "score."

But we're not just going to make a judgment about your performance.  We'll also provide concrete action items - specific suggestions for actions that can translate into success.

Are you ready to leverage technology in your business?  Take the first step toward improving your business - and building success - with our FREE RealtySocialQ Assessment!

RealtySocialQ Evaluation
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Real Estate Business Analysis
Business Analysis

Would you begin on a long journey without a roadmap? Would you start a large project without knowing which tools are available to you?

No? We couldn’t agree more! That's why we feel every agent can benefit from our Business Analysis.

Simply put, our Business Analysis offers an objective review of thirty categories that impact the success of your business.

You'll complete an online survey which consists of targeted questions designed to help us pinpoint areas of strength... as well as areas where you may have some shortcomings. Once you've completed the survey, we'll prepare two documents for your review.

One is a one-page, graphical summary of your results. This will provide a snap-shot overview of your business as it exists today.

The other is a detailed document, which provides comments based on the information you provided, and suggestions to help you build a better business.

Getting started is simple! If you’re ready to order your personalized Business Analysis, simply click on the "add to cart" button on this page. You'll be prompted to provide us with a little information, and we'll then process your request on our secure server.

Within 24 business hours you'll receive your username and password, and you'll have access to the survey. It's that simple! And if you already have an account with us, access is even faster. After we've processed your order, the Business Analysis will be added to your existing account services.

Whether you're new to the industry and want to build your business or a seasoned veteran, let us help you maximize your success with our Business Analysis!

Business Analysis
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Design Style Analysis - Discover Your Branding Style
Design Style Analysis

What resonates with you? Is it the drama of strong ebony paired with crisp white? Does the softness of petal pink and soft lavender flowers make your heart sing? Are you drawn to timeless combinations such as blue and yellow... or a hip palette of lime green and orange? Colors definitely play a part in your design style too.

The Design Style Analysis is a great first step to discovering what visual elements fit your personality and how you might use that to market your business. It's fun, just takes a few minutes to complete and it's free!

Design Style Analysis
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