Your brokerage is special. It has its own culture, its own vibe, and you are the captain of the ship! However, it is difficult to explain to a potential recruit just how different your brokerage is, especially if you are part of a larger company.

Today's real estate broker doesn't want to belong to just any office. Therefore, it is critical that you show and explain your brokerage's points of difference when you have the opportunity to sit down with an agent. But today's recruiting packages are either too generic for brokerages that are part of larger companies or they are not visually-interesting and cobbled together in smaller firms. Both leave the agent wanting more.

That is where we come in!

Our team at The Lones Group understands real estate marketing. We know what compels an agent to make a move and we are pros at taking a look at all your systems and offerings and tell your brokerage's story.

Imagine having a ready-to-go recruiting package that you can use:

  • In a live meeting with an agent
  • As an agent-takeaway after an informal meeting such as at an open house
  • Presenting to an agent over Zoom
  • As a stand-alone emailable document or as a flipbook
  • To give to an agent already in your office as a reminder of what their brokerage fees include
  • As a piece for agents to give to agents in other offices

The best thing about it is it is custom-written, formatted, and branded for your brokerage.

Here's how it works:

  • We first do our own reconnaissance on your brokerage by looking up your online profiles, sales history (if available), online reviews, and more.
  • You will send us anything you are currently using for recruiting and/or any information that we need to begin developing your custom recruiting package plan. This might include an outline of how office space is used, an available list of software, information on transaction management, etc.
  • We will send you a questionnaire ahead of our Zoom meeting that asks about specific perks about being at your office. We will go through these with you and will get the content we need to get started.
  • After the Zoom session, we will make your recruiting package plan. Your package includes 20 pages of written content and graphics, but we will first create a written outline for you to review. This is a great opportunity to determine if there is anything missing. We will also create a mockup of the cover so we can make sure we are using your company's brand elements correctly.
  • From there, we will begin to construct your package. We will provide you with a list of needs which usually includes logos and photography of your space and people, but we will proceed with the creation and leave placeholders for us to fill in.
  • We will continue to work with you until all the gaps are filled in. Once completed, we will send you a final pdf for printing, for emailing, and we can even set up a flipbook for you in your preferred online program. If you need more than ten printed copies to start, we can also upload your file to Mimeo and the booklets can be shipped directly to you.

That's it! We want to make this as easy as possible.


What about a careers page on my website?

We think your careers page should definitely feel cohesive with your recruiting package, though we only suggest using some of the content so the potential agent has a reason to make contact with you. You can certainly use the content we have created for you. If you need tech help, we can certainly help via a custom work order.

Can you help with a social media or print campaign?

We can! Should you want our help with a custom strategy for your recruiting efforts, our add-on package is $4,000. It includes six one-hour strategy sessions with company president Denise Lones and CEO, Shauna Naf. They have been creating effective marketing strategies and messaging together for the last two decades and can create a custom plan that is right for you, your brokerage culture, your budget, your staff resources, and more!

What if I want your help with more than just recruiting?

We are up to the task! As a managing broker, company president, Denise Lones, took her brokerage from the last place position in her market (#9) to #1 in just 18 months. She did that by refining the brokerage's systems, offerings, meetings, agent appreciation, production help, and standards, In fact, she was able to double the number of agents licensed at that office in that time by attracting them to the refined office culture.

Recruiting Package Only

Package includes Recruiting Package as outlined above on already-created brokerage brand:
Package cost: $7,990
Financing options: 6 monthly payments of $1,355.83 or pay-in-full for a 2% discount by credit card, 4% discount by check

Recruiting Package + 6 Strategy Sessions

Package includes Recruiting Package as outlined above on already-created brokerage brand AND 6 strategy sessions with Denise Lones and Shauna Naf:
Package cost: $11,990
Financing options: 12 monthly payments of $1,025.75 or pay-in-full for a 2% discount by credit card, 4% discount by check

Ready to get started? Select your package, checkout, and we will be in touch with the additional documentation we need and to finalized your preferred payment option!

Not ready and want to talk with us first? Schedule a one-on-one consultation:

Recruiting Package + 6 Strategy Sessions
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