March 11, 2021
10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Online Class

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Search for Sellers...and Find Success!

Agents with listings already have a time advantage in a regular market; after all, a typical listing takes less than half the time of a buyer transaction. Now factor one of the most extreme inventory-short markets we have ever seen and all that goes along with it - multiple offers, discouraged buyers, writing offers that don't get chosen, and those hours working with buyers keep ticking up, up, up draining your time and energy. Therefore, he or she who has the listings will have an advantage in 2021. But what if you aren't sure where your sellers will come from? Savvy agents are developing strategies for capitalizing on this market opportunity. Are you ready?

Join Denise as she:

  • Teaches you how to identify potential sellers in your market
  • Shows how to craft a campaign that gets the attention of opportunity sellers
  • Outlines how to create messaging for sellers facing a lifestyle change
  • Provides the type of information and content sellers need to begin building a relationship with you, even if you haven't met face-to-face
  • Offers examples of some of the most effective seller campaigns

Don't get left behind in 2021! Search for sellers and you will find success!

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