How are you planning on finding sellers in 2021? It will take a robust campaign to spread the word about opportunities for sellers in your market.

Don't miss out on listings and buyer opportunities in 2021. Savvy agents are already capturing the attention of sellers and getting the word out about opportunities. Do you have what it takes to create an attention-grabbing campaign?

Seller LeadMagnet Includes:

  • 11 x 17 Quarterly Report template
  • 5.5 x 11 postcard template
  • 8.5 x 11 flat postcard template
  • Equity Report
  • Annual Client Review
  • Market Stats Packet
  • Listing-Pending-Sold Letters
  • Other Buyers Letter
  • Multiple Offer Letter
  • MLS Area Demand Letter
  • 2 Divorce Letters
  • Inherited Home Letter
  • Out-of-Area Owner Letters
  • Vacant Home Letter
  • Tax in Arrears Letter
  • Zoning Change Letter
  • You Have a Buyer Letter
  • Professional Introduction Letter
  • Two Market Stats Sheets
  • FSBO Letter with Save the Commission Info
  • Potential Move Up Scenario Letter
  • Market Update Postcard Template

Package valued at over $4800!

I have a Lones Group brand* or I just want the content

Package includes Seller LeadMagnet Package with brand applied OR content on unbranded materials:
Package cost: $1,990
Financing options: 6 monthly payments of $331.67 or pay-in-full for a 2% discount by credit card, 4% discount by check
*Brand elements must be on file with The Lones Group to receive this rate and have brand applied

I don't have a Lones Group brand but I want one!

Package includes custom Brand, Foundations, plus Seller LeadMagnet Package:
Package cost: $7,990
Financing options: 12 monthly payments of $665.83 or pay-in-full for a 2% discount by credit card, 4% discount by check

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Seller LeadMagnet Package plus Custom Brand and Foundations
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