Mar 25-26, 2020
9:00am to 4:30pm
Master Builders
335 116th Ave SE
Bellevue, WA 98004

Tuition: $495
space limited to 40 people

Listing Presentation Workshop with Denise Lones

Have you lost a listing because the seller didn't like the way you priced their house? Have you lost a listing because someone else had a snazzier presentation and more technology-based graphics? Have you lost a listing due to the seller wanting to pay less in commission? Have you lost a listing because a seller overpowered your dialog? Stop losing listings you should have won! Learn how to wow every seller with bullet-proof tools and easy-to-follow systems that will propel you to Listing Expert status!

Check out what you will learn!

  • Secrets for planting seeds in the prelisting period to give you an advantage right off the bat
  • Strong and positive language that allows you to lead the presentation
  • Develop your own custom plan that works for your strengths and allows you to play offense rather than defense
  • How to have a pricing discussion that gets the seller on board, not throw you overboard
  • A formula for handling any objection with strength and confidence
  • Ideas for developing simple, yet robust, toolbox of visuals that will clearly define your systems and processes
  • Language to end your presentation and set an expectation for the next step

Your $495 tuition includes:

  • Lunch, coffee, and refreshments both days
  • 15 continuing education hours (pending)
  • Workbook including our Objection-Handling formula and Conflict-Resolution formula

Don't wait! Attendance strictly limited to first 40 registrations to maintain the workshop style and this class will be sold out.

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