Building a Geographical Farm

Many agents begin farming because they "like" an area. We’ll share with you how to do the research to learn exactly which geographical farms are likely to bear fruit... and which will be a barren wasteland! Don't begin to work a geographical farm without learning all the ins and outs of what makes geographical farming successful.

Many agents will begin a geographical farm, only to mail sporadically or give up altogether after a few months. Don't throw your money away by falling into this trap! A little work and planning up front will make your lead generation dollars stretch and will lead to a successful prospecting lead generation system.

This system contains:

  • Manual outlining how to find a farm that will produce and how to develop the perfect farming plan to work with your personality and strengths
  • 6 templates and content for implementing a 12 month geographical farming mailing program or active lead generation program including our five page annual neighborhood review built for editing in Microsoft Publisher
  • 10 articles for you to plug into your templates and use as if you wrote them
  • Instructions and tutorial videos on editing the templates

Don't delay! Add Building a Geographical Farm to your cart today and never look at prospecting the same way!

Building a Geographical Farm is compatible with Microsoft™ Excel and Publisher 2007/2010/2013 and requires that you are able to store the files locally on your computer.

Building a Geographical Farm
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