Marketing to Absentee Owners

If you work in an area with non-owner occupied properties, you may find implementing an absentee owner lead generation program to be very lucrative! This is not a lead generation system employed by many agents. Low competition can equal high-impact!

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of absentee owners - those who are happy with the arrangement and may want to invest in additional properties or those who are frustrated owners and want to sell their property. Both cases can lead to commission dollars in your pocket!

This system contains:

  • Manual outlining why absentee owners are a good source of leads, where to find them, and how to market to them
  • 13 templates and content for implementing a 12 month absentee owner mailing program including our five page annual property review built for editing in Microsoft Publisher
  • Instructions and tutorial videos on editing the templates

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Marketing to Absentee Owners is compatible with Microsoft® Excel and Publisher 2007/2010/2013 and requires that you are able to store the files locally on your computer.

Marketing to Absentee Owners
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