Results-Based Recruiting Toolkit

Recruiting and retaining great agents is one of the single most important goals of today's brokers and owners. Have the right team on board, and your office can thrive. But most brokers and owners don't understand how to recruit effectively.

That's a problem we can help you solve! Add results to your recruiting efforts with our results-based recruiting tools, designed for the broker or manager who needs help achieving their recruiting goals.

Your Results-Based Recruiting Toolkit includes templates for:

  • 25 postcards
  • 14 letters
  • Note cards

And that's not all! Your Toolkit also includes:

  • Talking points & scripts
  • Must-have "props" for agent meetings
  • A complete tracking system
  • Details on creating your own Agent Appreciation Event
  • A 40+ page manual, detailing how to use your toolkit for maximum effect.

The profitability of your office depends on having the right agents on board. Getting them there becomes much easier when you have the right tools in your hand. Order your toolkit today!

Results-Based Recruiting Toolkit
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