Working With Expired Listings

We liken working with expired listings to picking nice juicy grapes off a vine. They wanted to sell their property, but for some reason were not successful. However, so many agents simply give up after one unsuccessful phone call. But it is the agent who can be consistent and develop a relationship with the former seller who may just wind up placing the "For Sale" sign in the seller's yard. We’ll share with you - step by step - an expired listing campaign that can result in listings when you need them.

This system contains:

  • Manual outlining the psychology of sellers whose listings have expired, and how you can get beyond their distrust of the real estate industry which had failed them in the past. Also, we will share a 12 week easy-to-follow expired listing program that is effective with sellers.
  • 8 templates and content for implementing a 12 week expired listing including our 12 page "Seven Step Home Selling System" and five page "Neighborhood Review" built for editing in Microsoft Publisher.
  • Instructions and tutorial videos on editing the templates.

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Working With Expired Listings is compatible with Microsoft™ Excel and Publisher 2007/2010/2013 and requires that you are able to store the files locally on your computer.

Working With Expired Listings
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