Lynly Callaway

We created Lynly's beautiful brand a few years ago, but now it was time to add a WordPress website to her repertoire of tools. When we originally built Lynly's brand, it was clear she wanted something timeless, but also eye-catching with a splash of blue, close to Tiffany blue. Color-treated duo-tone doors and an elegant key rounded out the design elements. And when it was time to create her website, we did so carrying that door theme through with flair.

In Her Words

"The first few years I was in this business my marketing materials were completely random and not easily recognizable or consistent. I even tried working with a couple of graphic designers to at least establish a logo that I liked, and none of the ideas they came up with ever seemed to fit what I was looking for. The Lones Group took the time to really assess my personality, style, likes/dislikes, and it made all of the difference in the world. They nailed it, conceptually. Then we were able to work through the little details until I was completely satisfied.

"Now, people comment that they 'think of me,' whenever they see a vintage key or something in the Tiffany-blue color that I utilize in my branding. That's how I know the power of branding is working! I am very grateful to The Lones Group for helping me create a brand that I love, and that sets me apart from other agents."

Shown Here

Clockwise from top left: Article Template, Postcard, Open House Special Feature Card, Letterhead, Just Listed Postcard

Design Style

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