The Lones Group - Real Estate Education

2020 Winter-Spring Workshops

Evolve your business this 2020!

The Phoenix

15 credits
lynnwood/feb 19-20

Redefine your business, simplify your systems, achieve the business you know is within reach. This in-depth, two-day workshop focuses on developing skills, strategies, and materials for growing your real estate business. Discover your inner phoenix and rise up!

February Workshop - sold out

The Art of Pricing Property

15 credits - $495
bellevue/mar 2-3

Be prepared with the skills to successfully price and discuss price with your listings. This two-day workshop covers pricing, psychology of sellers, overpriced properties, handling objections, using absorption and listing-to-pending ratios and includes our complete Pricing System.

Stop Losing Listings You Should Have Won

15 credits - $495
bellevue/mar 25-26

A two-day listing presentation workshop that teaches how to wow every seller with bullet-proof tools and easy-to-follow systems that will propel you to Listing Expert status. Includes our Listing Presentation guidebook with objection-handling formula and conflict resolution system. Don't let industry changes leave you behind!

Speak-Up and Make More Money

15 credits - $495
bellevue/may 4-5

Real estate is tough business and you will never become a top-producer without learning how to navigate difficult conversations. This hands-on workshop includes examples and roleplaying, teaching you how to successfully speak your truth with confidence, whether it is at a listing presentation, with your broker, or another agent.

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