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Adobe InDesign: A Beginner's Guide

Join Shauna as she provides you with information on opening your files and link management, font management, color management, and of course, how to work with text and graphics.

Adobe InDesign: Advanced Editing

In this webinar, Shauna will cover some more-advanced features of InDesign including: advanced text formatting, strokes and fill options, transparency options, working with photo boxes, text wrap, text align, adding hyperlinks, PDF and saving options.

Buyers and Sellers Beware, Commission Cutting is Hurting Your Bottom Line

Wherever you seem to look nowadays you can hear about or see offers of low, discounted or reduced real estate commissions. It appears that there are a lot of real estate agents out there who are using the draw of the lower commission rate as their way to get your business. So if you are wondering what is wrong with that and why that could ever possibly hurt your bottom line, here is why!

Choosing a Geographical Farm Area

If you have ever wanted to develop a geographical farm, but aren't sure how to get started, join Shauna as she delves into the things to consider. From finding areas with a good sales history to actually procuring a list, determining your budget and size options, Shauna will cover it all. Get ready!

Club Call - Honoring Your Past Clients During the Holidays

We're going to be discussing holiday themed events and gifts, how to use these to effectively and authentically communicate with your past clients.

Club Call - Honoring Your Past Clients During the Holidays (sample)

We're going to be discussing holiday themed events and gifts, how to use these to effectively and authentically communicate with your past clients.

This is the first five minutes of this Club Call. For the full recording or to participate in an upcoming club call, join Club Zebra PRO!

Consistency Now Means Opportunity Later

Real estate coach Denise Lones knows that when the market gets tough, agents impulse is to cut back on market, but keeping consistent is the winning strategy.

Create a Holiday Card with Your Brand

The holidays are coming! Want to make a festive statement from your business? Join Shauna as she shows you how to start with a fun business photo and create a memorable holiday marketing piece with a few different templates to suit different print options.

Denise Live! Creating a Communication Calendar

Do you wing it when it comes to communicating with your clients? Between keeping content straight between your database, farm, and social media, it can be confusing to remember what you did, what you have to do, and when! Coach Denise Lones will be showing you how to organize a communication calendar that will keep your communication on track.

Denise Live! Earning Points with Your Prospects

Staying “top-of-mind” with your past, present, and potential clients is a critical part of business. So what does it really take to stay top-of-mind with today’s mobile and oft ad-saturated population? Learn how to earn the right “points” every year with prospects in order to keep your business goals in reach all year long.

Denise Live! Evaluating Your Campaign Effectiveness

Mailing campaigns can be enormously effective when done right, but they require a careful formula in order to connect with your diverse prospects’ personalities. Join us as we look at four critical parts of effective campaign execution.

Denise Live! Layers of Letters

Have a shortage of campaign material ideas? We have a generous supply to keep your marketing campaign feeling fresh every month. Inventory updates are great, but what if you want to do something more? In this episode we’ll be sharing ideas for showcasing your expertise, highlighting your area, and creating a result much more effective than a postcard of what’s sold lately.

Denise Live! Mailing Mistakes Sure to Burn Your Money

Sending high-quality content to potential clients on a consistent schedule is an essential strategy for growing your real estate business – but doing it the wrong way can be a costly waste of time and cash. Learn the answers to questions like these that separate success from mailer failure!

Denise Live! Professional Printing, Your Questions Answered

Over the lifetime of your business you are going to need a professional who can do far more than just mass produce listing flyers. A great printing service can be a boon to your professional image for years to come. Guest presenter Shauna Naf has worked with dozens of printers in many different situations and is here to help you with binding, ink, paper choices, finishes, bleeds, and tips for finding a terrific printing service in your area.

Denise Live! Rethinking Lead Generation Strategy for the New Year

Our industry is poised for big changes this year and consumer perception continues to evolve. The marketing that brought business to your doorstep five years ago may not be the same marketing that will work today. We look at current consumer preferences and how your lead generation strategy should adapt.

Denise Live! Special Guest and Mailer Campaign Expert Barbara Clark

If you are wondering what a successful mailing campaign looks like out in the wild, you are in for a treat. Today we are joined by Seattle area real estate agent and successful mailing campaign marketer, Barbara Clark. Learn how she got started, what it is that makes her mailing efforts so successful, and how she stays on top of getting it done.

Denise Live! Successfully Starting a Geographical Farm

There is a critical foundation of work to do before you invest time and money into farming. CEO Shauna Naf and MLS expert Jamie Holmes show you how to find strong areas in your MLS, budget for how many people to target, and how both your MLS and public records can reveal gems in your chosen area.

Denise Live! Your Connection Plan

Client outreach is life to your real estate business – whether you are marketing for future clients or maintaining relationships with past clients.

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