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Accountability Why You Need It And Why It Works

Discover the power of accountability and the impact that it has on peoples' lives.

An Easy Way to do FSBO Searches

The easiest way to work with 40 FSBO listings at a time is to do your searches weekly, then categorize and rate the potential listing when you get it. For example: break them down to 5 to 8 categories.

Are You A Business or Just Another Real Estate Agent

Many real estate agents fail to act on one essential truth - they are a business.

Avoiding Bright Shiny Objects

Are you a distracted agent who's always looking for the, "latest thing?" In this short pep-talk, Denise talks about how "bright, shiny objects" distract agents from being successful and what do to about it.

Building Tomorrow's Business Today

The challenge with the real estate business is that often when you work the hardest is when you get paid the least. In real estate you don't get paid when you call a client, you don't get paid when you list a house, you don't get paid when you do a mailout, you don't get paid when you work on your marketing, and you don't get paid when you do CMA's.

Club Call - The 50+ Demographic

Are you ignoring an important growing market demographic? The 50+ market represents the largest segment of our consumer base. Denise shares her tips for client care, follow-up, and how best to serve this important and fast growing group of both baby-boomer and silent-generation clients.

Cornerstones in Your Real Estate Business

Think about all the real estate agents out there. Some have been out there just a day and they are already successful. Some have been in the business decades and are still at it. So what is it they know that is making them successful? Watch Denise Lones as she takes a look at what makes a real estate agent successful.

Lessons Learned From Tax Season

If you're like most real estate agents, then you find it difficult to track the finite details of your business - your money, the results of your advertising, client retention, days on market numbers, list-to-sale price ratios. The list is truly endless. But, just like filing your income taxes, tracking is an essential task. Have you learned your lesson from last tax season?

Niche Marketing II - Renters

In part two of Denise's five part series on niche marketing with a discussion of one of her favorite markets - renters. Yes, renters! Learn why she loves working with the renters market.

Online Communication, Part 1 - Handling Online Leads

When you communicate online and you are ready to take action with a business, how long are you expecting before you hear back from them? Find out why this is a particular pet-peeve of Denise and why having a system for handling online leads is crucial.

Power of Packages 3: The Relocation Package

Think HR managers already have agents in place for relocating employees? Think again!

Secrets to Great Listing Presentations

Expert tips for listing presentation success in all situations.

Step Up To The Plate And Take Action

Today I'd like to talk directly to agents who are not succeeding while others are. Some of you are not experiencing the success you need to stay in business right now, while others are making money hand over fist. What's the difference? Why are some agents so successful right now while others are having such a difficult time? The first answer I usually hear to these questions is "Attitude." And I agree. Attitude IS important. But besides attitude, there is another critical element that is common to all agents who are doing well right now - ACTION!

The 8 Biggest Communication Mistakes Agents Make With Clients

One of my favorite things to do in my real estate training is to work with agents one-on-one to help them see how they communicate with their clients. I usually videotape them. We watch the playback and I critique their performance. Together, we identify flaws in their communication style and we make a plan for improvement.

The Power Of A Wow Experience

Have you ever been wowed? When was the last time you had a business experience that made you want to get on the phone and call everyone you know to tell them about it? I had such an experience recently. I had just finished teaching a class in Yakima. My associate and I faced a long trek home. We were tired and hungry.

The Power of Marketing: A Powerful Case Study

Her name is Molly. She is professional, dedicated, hard-working, thorough, and she delivers what she promises. She is a real estate agent - and a very good one. I had the pleasure of meeting Molly a number of years ago at a conference that I was teaching at. She was the best-dressed in the class, oozed success and confidence, was the first one in the class every day, wore a name tag and a smile and appeared to be the epitome of a successful real estate agent. This was the last person in the class that I expected to ask me for help in her business.

To Gift Or Not To Gift

Does giving gifts to clients after completing the transaction make a difference?

Touring Your Mastery Dashboard

Your Mastery Dashboard is your online center for resources related to your year long Mastery coaching program. Join Randy as he takes you on a tour of the Dashboard, shows you how you can edit your timeline, access project related resources and more!

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