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Denise Live! Creating a Communication Calendar

Do you wing it when it comes to communicating with your clients? Between keeping content straight between your database, farm, and social media, it can be confusing to remember what you did, what you have to do, and when! Coach Denise Lones will be showing you how to organize a communication calendar that will keep your communication on track.

Denise Live! Encouraging Your Audience Toward Action

The real estate market is primed for change in so many different ways and there are buyers and sellers out there who both want to and need to move. As the market changes, are they getting closer to their move moment or further away?  We will be covering messaging and what you need to put up-front to get your audience to pay attention.

Denise Live! If Your Phone Isn't Ringing, Give Them a Reason to Call

If your phone isn't ringing it's because your expertise and value proposition isn't making it into your marketing. So many agents rely on “pushing for the sale”.  It’s time to go deeper than bland offers of comps and listing updates and give your prospects a real reason to remember you and call when the time is right.

Denise Live! Rethinking Lead Generation Strategy for the New Year

Our industry is poised for big changes this year and consumer perception continues to evolve. The marketing that brought business to your doorstep five years ago may not be the same marketing that will work today. We look at current consumer preferences and how your lead generation strategy should adapt.

Denise Live! Special Guest and Mailer Campaign Expert Barbara Clark

If you are wondering what a successful mailing campaign looks like out in the wild, you are in for a treat. Today we are joined by Seattle area real estate agent and successful mailing campaign marketer, Barbara Clark. Learn how she got started, what it is that makes her mailing efforts so successful, and how she stays on top of getting it done.

Denise Live! Your Connection Plan

Client outreach is life to your real estate business – whether you are marketing for future clients or maintaining relationships with past clients.

End-of-the-Year Mailers

The end of the year is coming. Do you want to look like the expert and send out some amazing content to your sphere and farm? Join Shauna as she explores some effective ways to convey information on your mail pieces. It is easier than you think!

Gifts or Events?

5 incredible events and 3 memorable gift ideas for expressing your client appreciation this year.

Improving Your Call-to-Action

Persuading mailing-list members, sphere contacts, and geographical farm residents to interact with you - unless you are standing right there - often comes down to how compelling your call-to-action is. Learn how to craft a better one with these insights and examples.

Personalities: An Overview

Not only is knowing your personality type important for determining the strengths and challenges you face when it comes to adjusting your business plan, it is also important for considering how you communicate with others. Familiarize yourself with this handy overview of the different personality-types and how it affects sales behavior, priorities, expectations, reactions to stress, how they treat money and much, much more.

Quarterly Reports: An Opportunity to Showcase Your Expertise Four Times a Year!

Wow your potential and past clients with this marketing strategy that offers value throughout the year!

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