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5 Actions to Fill Your Pipeline for a ROBUST Spring!

Real estate coach Denise Lones shares 5 actions you can take today to create strong business activity and results in the coming months.

Action Plan - Weekly, Monthly, Annual

This weekly, monthly, and annual action plan will help keep you on track with the action you need to make your business successful. You can print it up and put it in the front of your Hour of Power folder or somewhere you will see it. Set up reminders on your calendar.

Bing Places for Business

Bing powers 33% of all online searches and offers business listings which are shown in search results, in Bing Maps, and which are used by Microsoft's digital assistant, Cortana. In this webinar we will show you how to setup a Bing business listing to extend your online visibility.

Blog - Do I Need A Sign In My Yard?

The decision is ultimately theirs, but this blog includes stats from the National Association of REALTORS on the effectiveness of yard signage.

Blog - Online Property Marketing: Critical for Your Selling Success

90% of all buyers are looking for their next home online. Sellers need to be aware of this powerful engine critical for getting their home sold. Many agents cannot clearly articulate where their listings are being syndicated or why it is important. Be the expert when it comes to this topic!

Blogging for Business

How will you put the power of Web 2.0 to work for you? Learn how to drive potential clients to your site and improve your online marketing skills through blogging.

Brand Refresh: Sharon Scott

Over the past eighteen years we've done a variety of small updates with Sharon's brand, originally built in 2005, but now it was time to really dive in switch-up from her eclectic past to a freshly refined new look!

Brand Reveal: Stephanie Kristen and Christine Hemnes

With a shared brand vision and an established color palette, our team was able to easily take their design objectives, color palette, and create a new joint brand.

Branding Ideas for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Brand identity has become such an important part of marketing that it is virtually impossible to identify even a single successful company that has not invested heavily in their brand. Unfortunately, few small businesses - and even fewer entrepreneurs or sales people associated with larger organizations - think about the importance of creating a brand.

Simply put, a brand is a visual representation of who you are, what you offer, and what experience the client will have when using your products or services. Brands function as "memory markers," allowing potential customers to quickly tap into an emotional, logical, and cultural experience associated with a brand. A brand is not just a logo, but logos, slogans, color palettes and materials that together create a visual representation that foretells the customer experience and identifies your business.

Download this white paper to learn why branding is critical to your success, what branding mistakes to avoid, how to identify with your target audience, what the parts of a brand are, and what your branding objectives should be.

Branding Spotlight: A Spotted Zebra?

The power of branding and consistent marketing

Branding Spotlight: Branding vs Content

A comparative look at the differences with examples.

Branding Spotlight: Going Off Script (fonts)

There are tens-of-thousands of script fonts available if you want to add a personal touch instead of using your own handwriting.

Branding Spotlight: Sandra Hines

Now with team members, it was time to refresh Sandra's gorgeous branding and create something updated that would support every team member - all without straying too far from her past business identity.

Branding Spotlight: Vegas Born Real Estate Services

It was a pleasure to work with Crystal Elijah-Ramos and have the opportunity to update her Vegas Born Real Estate Services real estate brand. Check out how we have updated this iconic Las Vegas brand and brought Crystal's refreshed vision to life!

Business Boost Ep4: Open House Success Strategies

In this webinar we will cover: how some agents turned open houses into effective lead generation faucet for their business that they can turn on and off as needed, the components of a memorable open house and what you do before-during-afterwards, how to engage reticent buyers into being excited about working with you, without feeling as if you are pressuring them, and the most effective tools that will give you an enormous advantage over every other open-house agent.

Business Boost Ep5: Targeted Prospecting

Learn the eight categories of specialized potential sellers that exist in almost every market, the information they need to take their next step, and how to position yourself as an expert and how to learn about their needs so you can approach them with a message of service, not sales.

Business Boost Ep6: Working New Construction

Learn the types of information you can provide that your builder(s) will be wowed by, how to position yourself as a new construction expert, the different materials and information that potential buyers need, and how to create a follow-up system to keep them engaged with either the product you represent.

Campaign Master Plan

Use this handy Campaign Master Plan to create your action plan and rev yourself up for more action in your business!

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