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How to Import a Graph into Microsoft Publisher

Follow along with The Lones Group CEO Shauna Naf as she shows you how to import a graph from a Microsoft Word document into Microsoft Publisher. We occasionally include graphs in our Club Zebra PRO content that you can send to your clients, here's how you can get that graph into your beautiful branding!

How to Put Club Zebra Client Content into Your Mailer Template

Are you looking for the 5 minute version of how to take one of our monthly Club Zebra client articles and put it into your article mailer template that we built for you in Microsoft® Publisher™? Look no further and follow along in this quick end-to-end guide.

Is Now the time to Sell Your Home?

Many sellers tried unsuccessfully at some point in the past three to five years to sell their home.  And many of them were frustrated by that lack of success that the market at that time allowed. Whether you listed your home unsuccessfully in the past or you are beginning to think about selling, today's market offers a much better opportunity to successfully sell your home.

What Kind of Equity Can You Earn in 50 Years?

A letter that illustrates the historical impact of interest on home equity.

Why You Should Work with a Full Time Real Estate Agent

Agents, this article was written to help you articulate your value, whether you are being asked if you can either cut your commission or if your client is considering a discount brokerage. Having your talking points ready will help you win over more clients, establish trust and provide you with a stronger negotiating position.

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