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Building Permits

This blog provides an informative way to bring your buyers' attention to the fact that the market is improving and that the historic opportunities available now won't last forever.

Dealing with Low Appraisals

Buyers and sellers are both all-too-frequently inconvenienced by low appraisals. Be the expert positioned to help them through such a turn of events.

How to Put Club Zebra Client Content into Your Mailer Template

Are you looking for the 5 minute version of how to take one of our monthly Club Zebra client articles and put it into your article mailer template that we built for you in Microsoft® Publisher™? Look no further and follow along in this quick end-to-end guide.

Is Renting Right for You?

Your potential sellers may be considering renting their homes instead. Opening a dialog with them on this topic may lead to new opportunities.

The Value of Home Warranties

The next time you think about selling your home, think about home warranties.  If you're unfamiliar with the concept, a home warranty is basically a service contract to complete future repairs and/or replacements on household appliances and systems.  Home warranties benefit both buyers and sellers, and I think they should be part of every real estate transaction.

Why You Do Need A Real Estate Agent

A recent Wall Street Journal article argued that real estate agents may be becoming unnecessary - remind your potential clients of the value you bring to the process.

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