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5 Simple And Inexpensive Ways To Boost The Value Of Your Home

Expertise is the number one word that should come to people’s minds when they see your name. If you’re still projecting the old image of a pushy real estate salesperson who is only interested in getting them to sign on the dotted line, then you need to reframe yourself in the eyes of your clients.

A Is For Automation

As our world of ever-expanding technology creates further demands on our time (even though it's supposed to free up more time for us - that's a laugh!), it becomes more and more clear to me how important automation is to a real estate agent.

A Shocking Phone Call

You know something is very wrong with our industry when a top producing agent - and I'm talking a major player here - calls to inform me that she's going to be getting out of the market.

Accountability Why You Need It And Why It Works

Discover the power of accountability and the impact that it has on peoples' lives.

Adobe InDesign: A Beginner's Guide

Join Shauna as she provides you with information on opening your files and link management, font management, color management, and of course, how to work with text and graphics.

Adobe InDesign: Advanced Editing

In this webinar, Shauna will cover some more-advanced features of InDesign including: advanced text formatting, strokes and fill options, transparency options, working with photo boxes, text wrap, text align, adding hyperlinks, PDF and saving options.

An Easy Way to do FSBO Searches

The easiest way to work with 40 FSBO listings at a time is to do your searches weekly, then categorize and rate the potential listing when you get it. For example: break them down to 5 to 8 categories.

Are You A Business or Just Another Real Estate Agent

Many real estate agents fail to act on one essential truth - they are a business.

Are You In It To Win It?

Have you ever asked yourself why you haven't reached the full potential of your abilities? You know in your heart that you can be more, but you're not quite there yet. Finding out why you're not requires some deep soul-searching. Take a few moments right now to ask yourself three questions, the answers to which will unveil what's holding you back.

Birds of a Feather

I recently visited a real estate office for a business analysis. I walked in and said hello to the receptionist, who told me that the manager would be with me in a few minutes. I noticed four people talking in the resource room. By their conversation, they seemed to be real estate agents. One was doing floor duty and the others were - well, I'm not exactly sure what the others were doing.

Building Permits

This blog provides an informative way to bring your buyers' attention to the fact that the market is improving and that the historic opportunities available now won't last forever.

Building Tomorrow's Business Today

The challenge with the real estate business is that often when you work the hardest is when you get paid the least. In real estate you don't get paid when you call a client, you don't get paid when you list a house, you don't get paid when you do a mailout, you don't get paid when you work on your marketing, and you don't get paid when you do CMA's.

Buyers and Sellers Beware, Commission Cutting is Hurting Your Bottom Line

Wherever you seem to look nowadays you can hear about or see offers of low, discounted or reduced real estate commissions. It appears that there are a lot of real estate agents out there who are using the draw of the lower commission rate as their way to get your business. So if you are wondering what is wrong with that and why that could ever possibly hurt your bottom line, here is why!

Contrarian Buying - A Profitable Way to Buy Real Estate

When it comes to buying, most people have a pack-mentality for each of these markets.  They look and see what everyone else is doing - and they follow the crowd.  If everyone else is buying, they buy.  If everyone else is waiting for the market to improve, then they wait too. What these crowd-followers miss is the fact that the best deals are often found when you become a contrarian buyer - the opposite of what everyone else is doing as they sit on the fence and wait.

Contrarian Selling - The Key To Big Money In Real Estate

Most people are conformists, not contrarians. When we're children, society drills it into our heads to "fit in," "follow the crowd," and "avoid making waves." This may work when you're in grammar school, but when it comes to selling real estate the opposite is true. Being a contrarian is your key to big money because it helps you to stand out from the crowd, which is much more important than fitting in.

Dealing with Low Appraisals

Buyers and sellers are both all-too-frequently inconvenienced by low appraisals. Be the expert positioned to help them through such a turn of events.

Does Your Listing Presentation Need Help?

The listing presentation is the crucial key to your life as a real estate agent. It's that one moment where you truly need to shine. But most agents treat the listing presentation as, "just another task." The reality is that today's sellers are expecting more. They want props. They need "show and tell." They want to know EXACTLY what you're going to do and when you're going to do it.

Don't Be Afraid To Toot Your Own Horn

You are the best, aren't you? Well, if you don't believe you are, then you should seek another profession. Real estate is a competitive industry and selling ourselves is one of the most important skills we need to survive. As kids, we were all instructed to "Play fair," "Don't rock the boat," "Be nice," and "Don't brag." In business, however, we need to learn to toot our own horns and let the world know that we are the best.

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