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Denise Live! Predictions and Opportunities for 2023

What does the new year hold? Denise constantly analyzes the market at many levels and every year she makes careful predictions for what comes next. Get a glimpse of the next year’s housing market and an exclusive preview of market trends from Denise’s upcoming State of the Market keynote at the 2023 Real Estate Success Summit.

Don't Let This Challenge Derail Your 2024

While you are evaluating how you would like to see this year be different from the last, I want you to be aware of one key thing you can do for your business in a year that will be filled with change and opportunities.

Home Prices

Here are a few facts based on 2011 national sales data. Are there any surprises for you? This hand-out shows how median home prices have declined, while sales have increased and inventory is shrinking. Use this to illustrate to your buyer clients that the market is changing and that now's the time to act.

How Does Denise Make Her Real Estate Predictions?

Join us online this January 24th for the 2024 State of the Market presentation, featuring market analysis and predictions from real estate strategist Denise Lones. 2024 is going to be a fabulous year for agents that arm themselves with information!

Looking Beyond 2023

It's been a tough time for agents because the volume of selling home has been down. That means that with fewer transactions to go around, some agents have been feeling the pinch! So why am I so optimistic about what's ahead for next year?

State of the Market Sneak Peek

After a whirlwind year, we are more excited than ever at the opportunities and changes that our industry will be seeing in 2024. Here's a quick look at some of the topics Denise will be covering at the 2024 State of the Market.

Where is Housing Headed?

While some agents out there are having their best year yet, everyone in today's housing market has taken note of the market stagnation caused by the one-two punch of interest rates and decades of under-produced inventory. Politics and litigation are poised to make broad changes. Meanwhile states, like here in Washington State, are legislating new housing flexibility that will change the local landscape forever. Agents are right to ask, "How do I steer my business toward success?"

Your Voice is Needed - Advocating for Housing in Your Community

Our voice is needed to help create more housing in our communities and throughout Washington State.

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