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Announcing the 2023 Real Estate Success Summit!

Get ready! Get energized. Get answers for the housing market questions your clients are asking. Get registered for our amazing 2023 Real Estate Success Summit - coming to the Lynnwood Convention Center this January 24th!

Club Call - Transaction Conflict

When you master being able to handle conflict - and that doesn't mean you'll be able to change every outcome - then you will have grown in being able to control yourself and produce more win-win situations, approach conflict with more confidence and reduce the overall stress of a profession that is frequently visited by conflict. Listen as we talk about how to effectively set and manage expectations, whether you are in a multiple offer situation, price setting, or the dealing with inspection report reactions.

Curb Appeal - It Can Make Or Break Your Home Sale

Homes with great curb appeal generally sell for more and in a shorter period of time. This article addresses five items a seller should check in terms of setting a great first impression with a buyer.

Denise Live! Conflict Awareness and You

Personal and professional conflict can do a lot of damage to your stress and ability to perform, ultimately hurting your success. Previously, we've looked at how the "conflict resolution circle" provides a system for working through conflict. This week we are taking a closer look at how your personality influences your conflict strategy.

Denise Live! Make a Winning Impression with the Experience Book

Of course you want to make your best impression before you leave your listing presentation. The Experience Book is not just an effective conversation starter, but also highlights your expertise, problem solving skills, and challenging past listings. Learn why this belongs in your presentation, what goes into one, and how to use it.

Denise Live! Market Activity Reports

Denise made her mark with sellers through weekly reporting. Many agents got out of the habit of seller reporting, but it is one of those services that will keep sellers impressed, even if they don’t like the data. It can also make the case for a price reduction.

Denise Live! Power of Editing

Most brokers search for new ideas to add to their business, hoping and believing that it will propel them to success, when in fact it is the act of editing that often brings about the greatest results. In this webinar Denise will be discussing how editing can help you with examples of how you can edit your business, your space, and even tips for editing caustic communication.

Denise Live! Strategies for Avoiding Burn-Out

Fast-paced markets, demanding buyers, entitled sellers, and the business of being on-call all the time is a recipe for burn-out. Ready to call it quits? Avoiding burn-out starts with preparation, rules, and mindset. Learn how to give yourself something to look forward to every week and to reduce your stress.

Denise Live! The Open House Language of Greeting and Leaving

Key to successfully connecting with visitors and developing future business prospects at open houses is your ability to make them feel welcome and to provide them with something of value before they leave. A lighter and more expert touch will win over hard tactics like sign-in registries and guided tours.

Denise Live! Your Post-Close Client Care

Want to make a lasting impression after the sale? Denise shows you some great ways to stay top-of-mind in the months after the sale that will increase your referrals and create a raving fan base.

Denise Live: Building Balance Into Your Real Estate Business

Creating balance is something we all could be better at, but as an agent it can be a challenge with a changing schedule and shifting client demands. Learn from this discussion about how to create measurable quality-of-life goals and a plan for achieving them.

Domain Names: Your Online Address

Domain names are much more than just a website address. We'll be sharing with you how to pick a good domain name, how to know if it's available, what to consider when buying one, what up-sells like domain privacy are, and we'll address quite a few misconceptions along the way as well. Presented by Randy Bowers, Director of Technology.

Excel: Finding and Filters and Freeze Panes, Oh My!

Today we'll be showing you some easy-to-use features in Microsoft Excel which will help you organize your database with sorting and filtering tools. We will also learn how to freeze your panes like the top row so that your column headings stay put while you scroll through your database. During this webinar we will take a look at the basics of Excel organization that will greatly increase your ease of viewing and sharing of data.

Find Your People

Healthy relationships and working alongside people that share your outlook and compliment your weaknesses can propel your business and mental health to new heights. Just the same, negative cultures, toxic relationships, and personality friction can sap the life out of you and hurt your potential. Denise shares advice for dealing with unhealthy relationships.

How Does Denise Make Her Real Estate Predictions?

Join us online this January 24th for the 2024 State of the Market presentation, featuring market analysis and predictions from real estate strategist Denise Lones. 2024 is going to be a fabulous year for agents that arm themselves with information!

How Selling Over 100 Homes a Year Almost Ruined My Life

On self-discipline, the consequences of living by reaction, and what it means to take action.

How to Take Control of Your Money So That Tax Time Isn't a Struggle Anymore

Does tax time make you nervous? Your not alone. Many people stress-out at the thought of filing their taxes. And as an real estate agent, there might be additional concerns beyond the standard 1040EZ since you may also be operating as a business owner. It doesn't have to be that way. Learn how to take care of your money and escape the hand-wringing stress of tax time.

Looking Beyond 2023

It's been a tough time for agents because the volume of selling home has been down. That means that with fewer transactions to go around, some agents have been feeling the pinch! So why am I so optimistic about what's ahead for next year?

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