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2024 Home Interior Trends You Need to Know

The International Builder Show in Last Vegas is like Disneyland for me. Not just the Builder Show, but I got to go to the Kitchen & Bath show too! I loved it. This week I want to give you some highlights and takeaways that I think brokers need to be aware of when providing service to both buyers and sellers.

2024 Predictions for Agents to Send to Clients

These are just a few of Denise’s predictions for the upcoming year. More details will come at her State of the Market class January 24, 2024. Feel free to insert your own local perspectives and statistics and adjust to fit your needs. No attribution required.

Denise Live! Home Design Trends of 2024

What is trending in terms of home design? Denise has a wide variety of things to show you – from fireplaces to cabinetry, wall treatments, innovations in siding, and more! Denise is not only going to talk about design, she is going to talk about functionality and solutions that you need to be up on to talk to your clients about what is to come.

Denise Live! Put Aside Fear for the New Year

For some agents, 2023 has been a tough year even led them to question even their successful business models. Meanwhile, other agents seem to be weathering the storm. They aren't just doing it well - but great! There is more to their formula than good looks and luck. Here we dive into reasons for optimism and actions that you can take right now to put yourself in the winning column in the new year.

Denise Live! Rethinking Lead Generation Strategy for the New Year

Our industry is poised for big changes this year and consumer perception continues to evolve. The marketing that brought business to your doorstep five years ago may not be the same marketing that will work today. We look at current consumer preferences and how your lead generation strategy should adapt.

How Does Denise Make Her Real Estate Predictions?

Join us online this January 24th for the 2024 State of the Market presentation, featuring market analysis and predictions from real estate strategist Denise Lones. 2024 is going to be a fabulous year for agents that arm themselves with information!

If You Do Only One Thing in 2024, Make It This

Many agents are looking for help with lead generation on real estate forums. What works? Is the advice being given any good? Coach Denise Lones weighs in and identifies one thing real estate agents must do to be successful this year.

Looking Beyond 2023

It's been a tough time for agents because the volume of selling home has been down. That means that with fewer transactions to go around, some agents have been feeling the pinch! So why am I so optimistic about what's ahead for next year?

New Opportunities to Expand Your Expertise

Topping the first half of our 2024 year of coaching won't be easy! Our Housing Options Certification course was an incredible adventure, but we have an awesome line-up of robust training content that we are rolling out for the second half of the year.

The 2024 Spring Market has Sprung

People are finding ways to get out of the homes that they haven’t wanted to stay in. While 2023 was a Year-in-Limbo, 2024 is already shaping up to be great. How can you capitalize on that?

The Tools You Need to Fight for Buyer Brokerage Compensation

The Tools Your Real Estate Business Needs in Light of the NAR Proposed Settlement.

Where is Housing Headed?

While some agents out there are having their best year yet, everyone in today's housing market has taken note of the market stagnation caused by the one-two punch of interest rates and decades of under-produced inventory. Politics and litigation are poised to make broad changes. Meanwhile states, like here in Washington State, are legislating new housing flexibility that will change the local landscape forever. Agents are right to ask, "How do I steer my business toward success?"

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