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Client Event Planner

Planning an event and aren't sure where to start? Give the event planner a try!

Investment Cash Flow and Equity Worksheet

Input the data for a particular property on the the Input tab (make sure you include the amount the rent and expense will increase per year) and then see all the formulas you may want to reference come to life on the Formulas-At-A-Glance tab. But what really makes this a powerful tool is not what the numbers are now, but what they may be in the future. The Cash Flow and Equity Projections in five years, ten years, or more will really show how the investment you are considering can be a good producer of Pajama Money!

Referral Agreement Form

Need to send out or receive a referral? Set expectations with the Referral Agreement! This covers everything from contact information, info about the client and their upcoming transaction, communication expectations, what happens with the client once the transaction is over, and even parameters for ongoing referral dollars. Editable Word Document.

Commission Objection Formula

A guide to help you have answers ready when you are asked to reduce your commission.

Agent Coverage Worksheet

Going on vacation? Want to share business in a more-equal manner? No more giving away half your compensation to an agent who opens a few doors. This worksheet will allow you to look at a transaction in a more-equitable manner and give value to different components of the transaction. Agents are then compensated based on their contributions. It is fair and easy!

Breaking Into Luxury: Finishes and Amenities Checklist

Thinking about breaking into the luxury market? Aside from market research, you should also familiarize yourself with the various systems and amenities that can be found in your local luxury market. This checklist is a guide for your research. For each category, determine the types and/or brands, installers, and maintenance providers for each.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep46

This week in market survival guide: Washington Supreme Court strikes down drug possession law, generational wealth and its impact on the real estate market, and answers to your real estate business questions.

Median Price Appreciation Calculator

A quick tool for calculating how much the market is changing over time, year to year. Simply enter the year and median sales price, the rest of the worksheet will do the calculations for you.

Client Communication Tracker

Use this Microsoft Excel worksheet to measure and track how well you are keeping in touch with your past/potential clients and your sphere. It also can add up your outreach so you can make sure you are on track if you are using Denise's 36 Point System. Track your potential business too!

Pro Forma Template

This Pro Forma template will provide you with the groundwork to do some information-gathering when working with an investor who intends to use the property as a rental. Be sure that all required disclaimers are included for your office, license, and area. You should add and delete pages as appropriate for your project. You don't need to include all pages for each project.

Excel Stats Tracking

Tracking MLS stats doesn't have to be intimidating! This form is set up to track median sales price, inventory, and solds. It includes graphs as well. Check out Shauna's "Learning to Graph" webinar which shows exactly how to manipulate this data.

Investment Cash Flow Worksheet

Project not only rise in rent over time, but also expenses and also show change in equity with this handy worksheet!
**Added Cap Rate and Gross Rent Multiplier Feature 6/3/15

"Love this worksheet, used it already...Very easy to use and understand.
Thank you Shauna!"
-Aranka Fruehauf

Quality of Life Wheel

First, use the questionnaire to answer the questions and get a score per category. Then, print out the Wheel in color (both pages). Cut the wheel down by category until it represents your score per category. Then glue the color wheel onto the gray placement wheel. We suggest putting it up somewhere where it can serve as a visual reminder of what is important to you.

Quality of Life Values Exercise

There is sometimes a disconnect between what we say we value as individuals and the things we choose to spend our energy on. This exercise is not for the faint of heart! We suggest devoting about two hours to this exercise. Dig deep and you will be richer from the result.

Business Personal Income Chart

This worksheet doesn't include the monthly detail that say, Denise's Money In Money Out sheet does, but if you want to track where you have been and where you want to go, this worksheet will do just that. And it includes automated graphs to boot!

Rules for Your Business

Rules allow you to have a road map to follow which is critical for all agents today. The following rules are ones that cause agents the most challenges with all other areas of their business if they do not follow them. List the rules you currently have in your business and then list the rules you want to implement.

Vision for Your Business Questionnaire

There are key questions that every agent must ask themselves when creating their business plan. As agents become busier with their business and as the daily demands of selling real estate increase, it is easy to forget why you are an agent and what is important to you. Answer the questions below to help determine was your vision for your business is.

Appreciation Worksheet

This is the most accurate way to calculate appreciation in an area but finding individual appreciation rates can be a pain! However, take some of the pain of calculation out of the equation with this worksheet. One thing to note - if you are figuring appreciation over a period of time, try to look at solds that have sold recently to get the most accurate recent number.

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