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How Selling Over 100 Homes a Year Almost Ruined My Life

On self-discipline, the consequences of living by reaction, and what it means to take action.

Denise Live! Strategies for Avoiding Burn-Out

Fast-paced markets, demanding buyers, entitled sellers, and the business of being on-call all the time is a recipe for burn-out. Ready to call it quits? Avoiding burn-out starts with preparation, rules, and mindset. Learn how to give yourself something to look forward to every week and to reduce your stress.

Rethinking How You Recharge

Real estate is tough work and recovering your energy after weeks of work should be a fulfilling experience. Coach Denise shares advice for recharging and recovering from stress in this week's Zebra Report.

Market Survival Guide Ep86

This week in Market Survival Guide: evaluating the news of the day, interest rates, mortgage buy downs, market reality check, housing affordability, and conversation with special guest and licensed Washington State senior loan officer at Guild Mortgage, Drew Ebner.

Denise Live! Special Guest and Real Estate Coach Jay Adoago

Special guest, Seattle native, and fellow real estate coach Jay Agoado is an industry veteran of nearly two decades and he understands the challenges of creating a business that can be both successful and yet allow for an enjoyable quality of life. Jay joins us this Tuesday to share in our discussion of business balance and tips for navigating our often chaotic real estate profession.

The Value of Vacation

Today I want to talk about the value of putting yourself first. Whether that is taking a special trip or going on a luxurious vacation or visiting a special person, you need that down-time away from your business to recharge and refresh.

Denise Live! Successfully Vacationing From Your Business

Everyone needs a break. However, if you are plugged-into your business the whole time than all you’ve really done is changed your office location. Learn the 20-percent rule and how to build a successful backup team you can confidently trust cover your business so that you can vacation with peace-of-mind.

Denise Live: Building Balance Into Your Real Estate Business

Creating balance is something we all could be better at, but as an agent it can be a challenge with a changing schedule and shifting client demands. Learn from this discussion about how to create measurable quality-of-life goals and a plan for achieving them.

Going Hyper-Local

Establishing yourself as the local go-to expert takes work, but pays in rewards. Ready to up your local presence? Guest expert Randy Bowers has the answers you are looking for: from choosing your target audience, to building expertise, to developing rapport, and an online plan to support it.

Denise Live! All-Star LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn is an essential tool for positioning yourself as a real estate expert. It’s not just talk! We have seen agents nail some big transaction deals because of LinkedIn. Guest expert and Lones Group CEO Shauna Naf shows you how to take your LinkedIn profile beyond All-Star.

Denise Live: Technology Trends in Real Estate

Technology hasn't been sitting still. Join us for a peek at upcoming real estate technology from the fields of artificial intelligence, property technology, smart homes, and virtual reality!

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep85

This week in Market Survival Guide: consumer sentiment and economic consequences, builder sentiment, federal Reserve rate increases and what to expect with your real estate clients, consumers receive bank letters on increasing rates of return, the "overvalued" areas of the county and what that means, and answers to your questions.

Denise Live: All About Online Reviews

Online reviews can be a big boon to your business, yet many agents overlook or even avoid asking for reviews altogether. It’s time to change that. Learn how to ask for and receive quality reviews, where people should find your reviews, and how to respond to reviews – even bad ones!

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep84

This week in Market Survival Guide: how to tell if your housing market is moderating, the effect of rising interest rates, national new home sales vs months supply, reading sales of new SFR inventory, global market sentiment, inflation pressures, historical and present national home ownership rate and ownership drivers, population changes, and answers to your questions.

Denise Live! Finding Your Technology Fit

Many agents struggle with knowing what the right level of technology is for their business. With all the temptations on the internet promising to be your silver bullet, it is easy to be pulled in too many directions and get nothing done. Combat your fear of missing out and make peace with your technology fit!

Denise Live! The Open House Language of Greeting and Leaving

Key to successfully connecting with visitors and developing future business prospects at open houses is your ability to make them feel welcome and to provide them with something of value before they leave. A lighter and more expert touch will win over hard tactics like sign-in registries and guided tours.

Denise Live! Open Houses with Special Guest Jason Cook

Meet Jason Cook, long-time Bellevue-area resident, former firefighter, tennis champion, and a gifted real estate agent. Jason has developed a knack for engaging with people that comes across as effortless and natural. It is a skill critical for hosting effective open houses – which Jason has held in abundance. Join us as Denise and Jason discuss winning open house strategies and his personal experiences in open house success.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep83

This week in Market Survival Guide: housing inventory and the future of meeting housing demand, new construction, consumer confidence by national region, the coming home remodel market, interpreting the NAHB Housing Market Index, the Housing Market Index vs shovel-ready starts over the last decade, global investor sentiment, headlines, recession and GDP - fears and facts, nationwide personal income growth, job creation, Washington market update as a national sample, and answers to your questions.

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