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36-Point System Campaign Planner

This Excel file includes the 36 Point System point guide as well as separate tabs for planning and tracking a database campaign and a farm campaign.

Action Plan - Weekly, Monthly, Annual

This weekly, monthly, and annual action plan will help keep you on track with the action you need to make your business successful. You can print it up and put it in the front of your Hour of Power folder or somewhere you will see it. Set up reminders on your calendar.

Letters for Listings

These four letters can dramatically increase your effectiveness when it comes to leveraging your listings to get other listings! Send to between 50-100 or so neighbors when the home is listed, when it pends, and when it sells. If there were multiple offers, follow up with the Other Buyers Missed Out letters. Agents have reported that their income has DOUBLED since using this letter series. It is easy to implement, but the results can knock your socks off.

Pledge of Service, Seller

This seller pledge agreement may be provided alongside your MLS-provided Seller Agency Agreement. Make sure you add any additional services you offer and delete those you don't. You may want to include graphics or icons and any membership logos that are applicable and build your value.

Rent Deferment Letter

An agreement for working with your rentals during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Covid-19 Alert to Buyers and Sellers

With market turmoil and widespread social-health concerns on the minds of all of your clients, it is ever more important that you be a source of factual information and a voice of reason. Use this letter as part of your outreach to both buyers, sellers, past and potential clients.

Pledge of Service, Buyer

This buyer pledge agreement may be provided alongside your MLS-provided Buyer Agency Agreement. Make sure you add any additional services you offer and delete those you don't. You may want to include graphics or icons and any membership logos that are applicable and build your value.

Post Closing 30-Day Follow-Up Email

Use this email to solicit feedback and testimonials from your clients 30 days post-closing.

Blogging Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Looking for blog topic inspiration? We've been saving up ideas for what to blog about and will share them with you right here. So take a look and get beyond that writer's block!

Example DMCA Policy Text

For use on your real estate agent website.

BRAgent Review Report

Ready to kick your agent accountability up a notch? This handy Word Document provides the template for you to perform your quarterly or annual production review with an agent. The Excel file will populate the graphs to include by inputting their production details. Having visuals of their graphs provides good discussion points and helps both the agent - and you - be on the same page regarding their numbers.

The Danger of Waiting

This Publisher file which includes a table of interest rates, loan amounts, and equivalent monthly payments is very useful for buyers who want to wait out a price drop. However, if interest rates rise, they could actually find themselves paying much more than if they just moved forward.

Past Client Letter - Asking for Feedback

Use this letter to get more reviews on Zillow or Yelp or to great advice and feedback from your clients after the sale

Price Reduction Letter

While we recommend that the possibility of price reductions be a part of your initial conversations once you have a listing contract, we know that many agents procrastinate about this. We also realize that many agents bend to seller pressures and list homes with a bias towards the sellers desire rather than pricing based on their professional expertise. However, when the time comes that you know a price reduction is necessary, you will need to take action. If calling the client isn't appropriate, then we hope that you'll find this sample price reduction letter to be a helpful guide.

If you use this letter, don't forget to update it with your own information!

Partnership Agreement (blank)

Set yourselves up for success! An agreement is critical in any sort of business relationship. Because conflict is inevitable, it is important to discuss any potential conflict up front in order to manage expectations and create the smoothest path to resolution. As Denise likes to say,
"Agreements prevent disagreements."

Neighborhood Letter High Demand Sale

This letter can be sent to the area surrounding a listing that has recently sold for a very low days on market, high list to sales price ratio, or for multiple offers. Especially if there are inventory challenges in the greater area, this can spell opportunity for those agents who connect with neighbors and get the word out.

Homes Pended and Sold Template

This Publisher template is formatted to highlight homes pended and sold. Please follow your MLS rules about publicizing other agents' listings.

Neighborhood New Listing Letter Series

Sending these three simple letters out to the neighbors when Denise got a listing catapulted her business! It can do the same for you. Put the power of these letters to work for you.

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