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How to Hire an Assistant

Learn how to hire assistants for your real estate business. We'll  be covering all the different types of assistants that are out there, the difference between employees and contractors, how to pay them, how to create a job description, liability concerns, where to find an assistant and much, much more. If you're even curious about taking the step of growing your business and hiring an assistant, this is an essential primer for you. Don't overlook the Resources for Hiring as Assistant document in the Related section below too!

Your Website

What are the key things you need to add to your website? What are your clients looking for on the web? How will your clients find you on the World Wide Web? Learn these things and more with this audio CD.

Networking Groups

There's nothing as exciting as a group of like-minded individuals! People naturally gravitate to – and enjoy doing business with – people they "click" with. Find out how to maximize relationships to build business in a fun (and profitable) way!

Teaching Classes

People love an expert... and teaching classes gives you a chance to shine in front of potential clients. We'll take the fear out of teaching, with solid suggestions for ideas on making your next teaching experience one that will convert attendees into clients.

Successful Closings

Create a memorable experience for your buyers and sellers and keep them coming back for more! Learn what your clients want from you during this critical time.

How to Get Started In Real Estate

If you are even remotely thinking about getting into Real Estate or just gotten into Real Estate you need this CD! Many people think selling Real Estate is an easy career that simply requires a smile and a good attitude. To be successful in Real Estate you must have a strategic plan and an effective marketing campaign. You also need to make money in the first six months or you are not going to last. Learn how to jump start your career and get on the right track now.

How to Lead Your Office to Unprecedented Success

If you are an office manager or owner you have to learn what it is your agents want from you, their leader. Learn to set up an environment that will create successful agents which in turn create a successful and thriving office for you. Learn the system that Denise uses to build offices from nothing special into something spectacular. You will not only hear about these successes you will also be given the exact blue print for duplication. Denise will walk you through a step-by-step plan she guarantees will dramatically improve and enhance your office performance and success.

How to Handle Any Objection

This CD will teach you how to handle objections in a way that will have you excited for the next one. Objections are a person's way of getting more information, stalling or getting ready to buy or sell. Learn these differences and you are home free. This CD will go through every possible objection while selling real estate and show you the successful way to handle every one of them. Also included is powerful material on how to negotiate and make situations win-win for everyone.

How to Build Your Business Using an Assistant

Most Real Estate agents that need an assistant don't get one because they are worried about training them. Perhaps you are too busy to train an assistant or just worry that you wouldn't know what to do with one if you had one. Learn how to find the perfect assistant for your personality type and business style and learn how easy it is to keep them busy with task oriented duties. Learn to leverage your time and multiply your income using an assistant.

How to Create a Business Plan That Will Really Make You Money

A business plan without a specific set of action steps is nothing more than an exercise in goal planning. A successful business plan will be the blueprint for your business's success. Learn to create a plan that will get you the results you need and learn the exact steps you must take to get EXACTLY where you want to go.

How to Create a Buyer Package

When I ask Real Estate agents to show me what services they offer for buyers they usually look at me with a blank stare. They then usually say that they don't have a specific written plan or package for buyers. If this is you then you MUST get this CD. Today's buyers want to know what you do that is different from everyone else. You need to know how to showcase your services and how to show on paper exactly what you have to offer. Buyers packages make you look professional and save you time from running around scrambling to gather materials every time you need to send out some information to new buyers.

For Sale By Owners

FSBOs go on the market believing they don't need you... but they do! However, they typically have a great deal of built-in resistance to real estate agents. Master the art of getting a FSBO to want to work with you, based on the value you provide.

Geographical Farming

Many agents begin farming because they "like" an area. We'll share with you how to do the research to learn exactly which geographical farms are likely to bear fruit... and which will be a barren wasteland.

How to Handle Floor Calls

What do you do when a stranger calls and you only have a moment to capture their potential future business. Learn what NOT to say and how to speak so the caller will want to talk to you. Learn how to guide the call and have the caller wanting to hear what else you have to say. Find out the easy way to capture their contact information without sounding like a telemarketer.

MLS Prospecting

This little-known technique, once mastered, can be the key to generating substantial "now" money in your business. Discover the power of your local MLS as a lead generation system.

Niche Marketing

There's not an industry out there where "generalists" make more money than "specialists" and real estate is no different! Yet many agents are afraid to specialize, for fear they will "lose" business. Put those fears aside, and become a niche marketing expert. We'll cover a number of different niche markets, and provide an overview of the many possibilities that exist.

Open Houses

If you're wasting countless hours at open houses just hoping a potential client might wander in, you need a new strategy. Learn how to effectively market your open houses, and boost attendance. We'll also cover a powerful open house tool that allows you to position yourself as an expert and a resource, not a pushy salesperson.

Renters Marketing

If you want to specialize in first-time homebuyers, then start generating leads in the rental market. Many agents ignore the untapped potential of this huge segment of our housing market. We'll show you why you'll want to work with renters, where to find them, and how to get them to contact you.

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