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Off-Street Parking: The Goldmine in Your Driveway

Off-street parking options are becoming more in-demand as neighborhoods become denser. City planners are becoming more reliant on public transportation, but many people still drive a vehicle and need a place to park. Garages, carports, and even on-property parking strips and driveways become hot commodities. This article gets homeowners thinking about the value of their parking spaces.

Buyer Strategy - Let's Do The Math

As mortgage interest rates tick up, some buyers have decided to "wait until interest rates go down". Certainly, the rise in interest rates is taking a big bite out of a buyer's monthly mortgage budget which costs buying power, but does it make sense to wait? Are there benefits to going ahead and buying now? Let's look at some facts and do the math!

Buyers and Sellers - What to Expect in This Market

Sellers need to price it right, buyers need to make a fair offer, and both sides should be prepared to negotiate. This article includes a table of data from 1982, 1992, 2002, 2012, and 2022 to show how conditions have changed over time in terms of median sales prices, mortgage rates, and household income.

Should I Wait To Buy?

Agents, this article is a lot longer than our usual articles, so use a mailer with more text area or shorten down the examples. You may also want to mock this up on your letterhead and have it with you for a buyer or listing presentation. The Infographic on variables will be posted this month and that would be a great piece to use along with this as well as the Danger of Waiting document in Club Zebra. This article contains examples which you can update with the Future Value Calculator to make examples that are a better-fit for your area.  

6 Things to Know About Mortgages in Today's Market

With interest rates on the rise, the mortgage industry is making adjustments. If you have a home purchase on your mind, it pays to add some current mortgage knowledge to your money toolbox.

Tastefully Listing Your Home During the Holidays

Listing during the holidays can be an advantageous time, but décor overload must be avoided. This article outlines options for sellers who are listing during this time.

When in Doubt, Get the Roof Inspected

It is always a good idea to let a buyer know that additional, more-detailed, inspections are available when doing one's due diligence on buying a home. This article delves into roof inspections. This is good general content to include in a mailer or even in one's buyer materials.

Marketing Your Outdoor Spaces in Any Weather

Although popularity of outdoor spaces has been on the uptick for several years, the global pandemic accelerated desire for an outdoor oasis. This article addresses what to do if a seller is thinking about selling when the weather is less than ideal and there are outdoor spaces to market, here are some ideas that will pay off regardless of the month on the calendar.

Pending Numbers - A Great Way to Measure Demand

Most people understand the concept of supply and demand – when supply increases, prices decline whereas when demand increases, prices go up. Real estate follows these same principles. The ratio of the number of active listings relative to the number of homes that changed hands for that same period of time is one of the best ways we can measure supply and demand in our market. This article includes a graph.

Hey Buyers, Remember How to Negotiate?

It seems like home sellers have been calling the shots for years, but now with some buyers pausing while sellers have still been listing their homes, there may be more choices and therefore, buyers now hold more cards than they have recently. Here is a primer for buyers on making an offer when the market is more balanced.

Vintage vs Just Old

Home improvement shows tout the benefits of owning a home with character and buyers may be wondering if it is time to make the leap and buy an older home. This article outlines some things to consider when looking at older homes.

Getting Your Head Around Paying More in Interest

Some sellers still want to move, but don't want to lose their low-rate mortgage. This article explores all the different costs involved with staying - from property taxes to commute time and costs, so would-be sellers can have all the facts.

Countertop Materials Matter

This article explains six stone countertop materials: granite, quartz, quartzite, marble, soapstone, and concrete and how they are perceived by the collective of buyers in terms of value and upkeep.

Perspective on Today’s Buying Power

The shifting market and what buyers need to know! This article addresses past and potential price appreciation and interest rates to provide perspective to buyers and would-be buyers. This is a great article that can be sent out to not only first-time homebuyers, but ANYONE who owns a home as the information is also appropriate for selling and buying.

Combating Rising Interest Rates – Considerations for Buyers and Sellers

Mortgage interest rates are on the rise. What does this mean for buyer and seller strategy? This article contains information that was current as of 6/14/2022. The Fed raised interest rates on 6/15/2022 but the impact of this on mortgage interest rates has not yet been felt and you may want to update as things change. You can download monthly information since 1971 here:

Luxury Real Estate Needs an Expert Touch

This article is one that agents who specialize in luxury can use to showcase their knowledge and point of difference. Make sure you update the section in magenta for your listing process when it comes to how you showcase luxury features.

Different Ways to Determine List Price or Market Value

Homeowners are used to putting their address in a search engine and seeing the resulting home value. When you show up with a different one, they need to understand how you may have gotten to a different number or range. This is not only an article to send to your clients, this might also be content you add to your listing presentation.

Dated Kitchen? Tips for Updates That Won't Break the Bank

An updated kitchen doesn't have to cost tens of thousands of dollars! Here are some tips that homeowners or would-be sellers can consider when exploring a kitchen update.

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