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Combating Work From Home Fatigue

Are we done yet? Working from home is taking a lot out of people. Some tips to help...including a call-to-action if a complete change of scenery is needed!

Selling This Autumn? Get Ready!

If you are taking advantage of this market this autumn, it is a great time to sell, but if you are also buying, you need to have a strategy for your ideal timing. This article covers both.  

Are Your Finances Ready for Homeownership?

Buyers may not take utilities, HOA, and maintenance into account when buying a home. This article addresses some things to think about.

Compromising When Buying a Home

Some common items buyers have to compromise on when buying a home: Age and condition, commute, square footage, cosmetic upgrades, architectural style.

Changing Lifestyles Are Affecting What People Are Buying

Buyers are concerned about safety, they are looking for more space, and many are finding they are location independent! This article should be adjusted to fit the trends in your area.

Does Refinancing Make Financial Sense?

Your clients may be thinking about refinancing, but does it make sense to do so? If it was free, of course! But usually there is a cost involved which needs to be taken into consideration. How many months in savings will it take to "pay off" the refinance? Do the math!

Home Maintenance Skills All Homeowners Should Have

Great information to send to your homeowner clients - especially those first-time homebuyers. Knowing how to do some basic home maintenance can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every year.

Home Seller Q and A

What questions do sellers have for agents...and what questions do buyers have for sellers

The Value of Virtual Open Houses

Virtual Open Houses have become one of the most valuable tools in a real estate agent's toolbox. Why did these become so popular so fast? Read more.

New Construction Trends = Inspiration!

New construction home design is a great tool to use whether you are remodeling your own home or looking to renovate and flip an investment property.

Common Appraisal Myths Dispelled

Although appraisals are widely used to determine the true value of a property in the event of a home sale or mortgage refinance, there are many misconceptions surrounding them. This article addresses some of these.

Covid-19 Alert to Buyers and Sellers

With market turmoil and widespread social-health concerns on the minds of all of your clients, it is ever more important that you be a source of factual information and a voice of reason. Use this letter as part of your outreach to both buyers, sellers, past and potential clients.

6 Reasons For Sale By Owner Is Not Your Best Option

Many sellers are surprised when they add up the costs of selling a home. This leads many sellers to consider selling their own homes to reduce costs. Here are six reasons why going the For Sale By Owner route is not your clients' best option.

How to Find a Home With Good Resale Value

Buyers can make a great selling decision when they make an offer on a home that will be in demand with buyers.

Time Spent House Hunting is Steadily Increasing

The National Association of Home Builders' current research on home sales is showing that the home buying process is taking longer than it has in years past. Patience is key!

Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal This Winter

When people think of curb appeal they envision lush green lawns, vibrant trees, and garden beds filled with blooms. Although these elements create an inviting space for potential buyers, they are near impossible to achieve in the dead of winter. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t create a great first impression for buyers.

Most Common Reasons Real Estate Contracts Fall Through

Inspections, appraisals, contingencies, oh my! There are a number of reasons real estate transactions can fall through. A signed contract is no guarantee of a closing!

Adding Hygge to Your Home Staging Strategy

Most people think of the obvious steps for staging a home. They know to apply a fresh coat of neutral paint, how to declutter, and fix any resounding maintenance issues. But will the house be inviting to potential buyers, or will it appear stark and cold? The key to appeal to buyers through home staging, especially during the winter months, is to add hygge into your house.

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