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Infographic - Curb Appeal

One of the most important factors in selling your home for maximum dollars is its curb appeal. Giving your home’s exterior that extra WOW factor does not need to cost a lot of money! Here are some easy curb appeal boosters. Reach out for a customized marketing plan for your home!

When to DIY and When to Call a Pro

Home repairs can be a can of worms. When should your clients DIY and when to hire out?

Sellers - Should You Get a Pre-Inspection?

In a fast market, buyers are waiving inspections with trepidation. A pre-inspection can provide peace of mind.

Pay Off the Mortgage or Re-Invest?

The $100,000 question - pay off the mortgage or re-invest? This article explores the bath behind paying off a mortgage, re-investing in an upgraded home, or buying a second property.

Paying Off a Mortgage Early

Should your clients pay off their mortgages early? They need to do the math! This article outlines an example. Perhaps a new real estate investment property is in their future instead!

Do Your Floors Need an Upgrade?

Hardwood? Carpet? Laminate? Tile? Even within each of these there can be many options. This article provides an overview of how to think about their next flooring choice as well as a list of pros and cons for several. The pros and cons are formatted in both columns and a table to fit your template nicely!

My Home Failed the Inspection - Now What?

Both buyers and sellers dread the inspection. What happens when it is bad news? And where do you go from here? This article outlines options for both buyers and sellers.

What Does the End of Forbearance Mean for the Housing Market?

Forbearance helped homeowners during the pandemic. But with these programs coming to an end, what will this mean for the housing industry? This article quells the fear that some have about imminent foreclosures and their impact on the market.


5 Renovations That Will Save Money All Year Long

Home renovations are a significant investment of money and/or time. But which can actually save money long-term? Read more!

How Much It Costs to Sell a House

Agents, we encourage you to adjust this article to best match your local norms when it comes to closing costs.

What are closing costs for sellers? We address several in this article.

Renovating a Historic Home with Preservation in Mind

There are several considerations when buying a historic home with the goal of restoring it. But it can be richly rewarding! By doing research, setting a big contingency budget, getting creative with funding, and curating the finished product, a renovated historic home can pay off spiritually and financially!

How Much Are You Saving with Low Interest Rates?

Sure interest rates are low, but what does that actually mean for how much a buyer can save monthly or over the life of the loan?

Real Estate Contingencies - What To Consider

One way to compare offers is to look at the different contingencies listed, or terms within the contract, and determine which carry added risk to the seller.

Letters for Listings

These four letters can dramatically increase your effectiveness when it comes to leveraging your listings to get other listings! Send to between 50-100 or so neighbors when the home is listed, when it pends, and when it sells. If there were multiple offers, follow up with the Other Buyers Missed Out letters. Agents have reported that their income has DOUBLED since using this letter series. It is easy to implement, but the results can knock your socks off.

Tips for Upsizing Your Home

Now is a great time to upsize or upgrade. Here are some tips to share with potential sellers considering selling and moving up.

Design The Home That is Perfect for How You Live – Not Social Media

There can be a lot of pressure to have your home look a certain way. However, some of the coziest homes are those brimming with personality and are super-functional. This article encourages homeowners to follow their instinct when it comes to home design.

Turnkey or Fixer Upper - Financial Considerations

There are benefits to buying turnkey...and benefits to buying a fixer. Which one is right for your buyers?

What Do Rising Sales Prices Mean for Property Taxes?

All across the country housing prices are surging as buyer demand increases and available inventory of homes drops. Homeowners are relishing the increased equity month over month and buyers are eager to get onto the property ladder and watch their real estate investment grow. However, rising home values may be accompanied by rising property taxes. Here are the facts!

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