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Follow Builder Advice When Merchandizing Your Home for Sale

Did you know that builders have a formula when it comes to determining the special, in-demand features a home should have to make buyers put pen to paper? For every 500 square feet a home has, there needs to be one amazing feature that most buyers to have a positive and emotional reaction to. This article outlines several options for providing those special updates.

Certain Loans to Get More-Expensive in 2022

According to the Federal Housing Finance Agency, second-home mortgages that are backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will see new fees assessed for these types of properties beginning in April 1, 2022.

2021 Median Sales Prices Climb to New Heights!

This article provides placeholder graphs so you can update with your area's median sales prices in 2020 and 2021. We even included the formula so you can determine the percentage change in prices. This month's infographic provides a framework for posting on social media.

Creating Curb Appeal to Sell – Even in Winter

If sellers are listing in winter, there are plenty of ways to make their home stand out and it starts with curb appeal. This article addresses seven ways to enhance curb appeal in these challenging winter months.

2022 Predictions for Agents to send to their Clients

Please feel free to use these as your own and insert your local data to supplement the national information we have included for you.

The Relationship Between Mortgage Interest Rates and Inflation

The housing market has enjoyed the benefit of low mortgage interest rates for more than a decade. Interest rates are expected to rise, but why and by how much? We will take a look at inflation rates for clues. Includes a customizable graph!  

Infographic - Home Lifestyle

You may notice that this month, our social-media friendly graphics have a series of 3 images. We broke up the main content to make it easier to read on mobile devices. On Instagram, you can use all 3 in a carousel post. On Facebook, you can post all three at once or schedule a series of posts to see which one your audience resonates with the most. There is also room on each image to add your logo or name.

Preparing Your Bathroom When Selling

It is easy to think of ways to make your living room or kitchen show their best when selling, but have you given much thought about your bathroom? Here are some general recommendations for making your bathroom sparkle:

How to Shop for a Mortgage

Although the process of obtaining a mortgage may seem intimidating with unyielding options, there actually may be quite a few parameters that have more flexibility than you may expect. Certainly, there are some lenders who do have only a few programs that one might quality for, but often there are more variations than the most popular programs.

Infographic - Staging is Essential

Staging is the process and art of setting up furnishings in your home to be attractive to buyers, and it is one of the easiest things we can do to improve your home’s presentation. Best of all, it doesn’t have to break the bank. We can use your existing furnishings or focus on just the essential rooms.  With my experience in staging, we will create a custom plan to fit your home and goals. Let’s chat!

Keep Your Eye on the Big Picture When Buying

Help your buyers see the big picture and be more comfortable with financial ups-and-downs when buying.

Infographic - Curb Appeal

One of the most important factors in selling your home for maximum dollars is its curb appeal. Giving your home’s exterior that extra WOW factor does not need to cost a lot of money! Here are some easy curb appeal boosters. Reach out for a customized marketing plan for your home!

When to DIY and When to Call a Pro

Home repairs can be a can of worms. When should your clients DIY and when to hire out?

Sellers - Should You Get a Pre-Inspection?

In a fast market, buyers are waiving inspections with trepidation. A pre-inspection can provide peace of mind.

Pay Off the Mortgage or Re-Invest?

The $100,000 question - pay off the mortgage or re-invest? This article explores the bath behind paying off a mortgage, re-investing in an upgraded home, or buying a second property.

Paying Off a Mortgage Early

Should your clients pay off their mortgages early? They need to do the math! This article outlines an example. Perhaps a new real estate investment property is in their future instead!

Do Your Floors Need an Upgrade?

Hardwood? Carpet? Laminate? Tile? Even within each of these there can be many options. This article provides an overview of how to think about their next flooring choice as well as a list of pros and cons for several. The pros and cons are formatted in both columns and a table to fit your template nicely!

My Home Failed the Inspection - Now What?

Both buyers and sellers dread the inspection. What happens when it is bad news? And where do you go from here? This article outlines options for both buyers and sellers.

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