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Perspective on Today’s Buying Power

EARLY RELEASE: The shifting market and what buyers need to know! This article addresses past and potential price appreciation and interest rates to provide perspective to buyers and would-be buyers. This is a great article that can be sent out to not only first-time homebuyers, but ANYONE who owns a home as the information is also appropriate for selling and buying. Note the link to the Future Value Calculator below which will allow you to customize the info in the table with figures that are more appropriate for your market. Instructions are included in magenta.

Combating Rising Interest Rates – Considerations for Buyers and Sellers

Mortgage interest rates are on the rise. What does this mean for buyer and seller strategy? This article contains information that was current as of 6/14/2022. The Fed raised interest rates on 6/15/2022 but the impact of this on mortgage interest rates has not yet been felt and you may want to update as things change. You can download monthly information since 1971 here:

Luxury Real Estate Needs an Expert Touch

This article is one that agents who specialize in luxury can use to showcase their knowledge and point of difference. Make sure you update the section in magenta for your listing process when it comes to how you showcase luxury features.

Different Ways to Determine List Price or Market Value

Homeowners are used to putting their address in a search engine and seeing the resulting home value. When you show up with a different one, they need to understand how you may have gotten to a different number or range. This is not only an article to send to your clients, this might also be content you add to your listing presentation.

Dated Kitchen? Tips for Updates That Won't Break the Bank

An updated kitchen doesn't have to cost tens of thousands of dollars! Here are some tips that homeowners or would-be sellers can consider when exploring a kitchen update.

What if I Don't Have a 20% Down Payment for a House?

Some buyers are saving up, waiting to make the jump into homeownership when they can avoid paying mortgage insurance. But waiting can actually cost more than the cost of mortgage insurance AND they may be missing out on price gains. This article includes a very compelling example that you should show to every first time homebuyer on your potential client list.

Getting Creative with Homebuying When You Have to Sell

In this market, buying a home is hard, but buying a home when a buyer has a home to sell is harder. This article explores a sample timeline for a buyer with a home to sell and addresses the expectation of being able to only move once. This article also explores the option for making a more-aggressive offer prior to offer review date. We recommend that this article is altered based on your market conditions.

What to do with Fido When Your House is on the Market

When it comes time to have your home on the market and show it, having a  plan for your dog is essential. In a high-demand market, keep dogs off-site to keep Fido from being stressed during hours of showings. Here are six ideas to share with sellers.

Using Your Equity to Buy an Investment Property

Buying a second home, whether it provides an income stream or not, can be a savvy way to build wealth. Some homeowners are tapping into their equity to do just that. The Future Value Calculator is also attached to this article so you can run scenarios with your clients.

Should I Sell and Cash Out?

With the real estate market continuing to grow at a rapid pace, many homeowners are wondering if they should cash out – take the money and run!

Attention Buyers: Six Tips to Sweeten Your Offer

Here are six out-of-the-box items to discuss with buyers when competing in a multiple-offer market. You never know when that little something to the buyer turns out to be a big benefit to the seller. This article is set up with six boxes but you can easily format into your template whichever way you choose.

Marketing Matters - Even in a Seller's Market

Today's sellers may think that all a real estate agent needs to do is stick a for sale sign in the yard. But what a real estate professional does now to market a property now is as critical as a market that is favorable to buyers.

Calculating Net Proceeds

If your client is thinking about selling, they may be wondering how much money they will have when the transaction closes. This is also known as “Net Proceeds”. There are a number of expenses that are paid out of the profits on a home sale. Although each transaction and contract are different and some of these can be negotiable, this article reviews some of the common expenses that should be included in calculating net proceeds.

Want to Sell but are Concerned About Buying?

Our housing market is experiencing gridlock. There are a lot more buyers in the market than we have homes for. This is great for sellers, but many sellers are concerned about finding their next place to live and are not willing to put their homes on the market with that uncertainty. Here are five out-of-the-box solutions for sellers to consider.

What do Other Sellers' Multiple Offers Mean for You?

What do multiple offers mean for your sellers' homes if they are not on the market yet? How do we attract disappointed buyers when your seller decides to sell? What condition does the home need to be in? How fast could the time table be once your seller decides to sell? These questions are explored in this article.

Follow Builder Advice When Merchandizing Your Home for Sale

Did you know that builders have a formula when it comes to determining the special, in-demand features a home should have to make buyers put pen to paper? For every 500 square feet a home has, there needs to be one amazing feature that most buyers to have a positive and emotional reaction to. This article outlines several options for providing those special updates.

2021 Median Sales Prices Climb to New Heights!

This article provides placeholder graphs so you can update with your area's median sales prices in 2020 and 2021. We even included the formula so you can determine the percentage change in prices. This month's infographic provides a framework for posting on social media.

Creating Curb Appeal to Sell – Even in Winter

If sellers are listing in winter, there are plenty of ways to make their home stand out and it starts with curb appeal. This article addresses seven ways to enhance curb appeal in these challenging winter months.

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