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The Market is in Gridlock, What You Can Do About It

If your local housing market is stuck with sellers who don't want to sell and buyers who think interest rates are getting in the way of buying, this might be the perfect article for helping you overcome market gridlock.

Inexpensive (and boring) Home Improvement Projects That Can Put Money in Your Pocket

Both buyers and sellers will appreciate these five easy solutions that will help maintain or even improve home value, all while paying for themselves.

How to be Listing Ready

Many home owners aren't really thinking about moving and then one day, they suddenly see an opportunity to move to a better home. This article walks potential buyers and sellers through the process of being listing ready, having their home lightly prepared for a need to move without interrupting quality of life - and introducing your prospects to the idea of listing in the future.

Creative Ways to Get a Mortgage in 2023

Many buyers are unaware of just how many lending options exist! This article helps get your buyers thinking positively and headed on the road to speaking with a lender to actually explore the option of what they can afford. We also discuss interest rates and how waiting for them to come down isn't necessarily in buyers' best financial interest.

Do You Have an ARM? Don't be Caught by Surprise!

Homeowners with Adjustable Rate Mortgages are out there and preparing for rate adjustments requires advanced preparation - if the homeowner is to make a wise financial move. This article discusses how to understand ARM loans and what homeowners should do if they are in this situation. Potential homeowners will also find this educational for understanding how an ARM loan works.

Understanding Your Loan Options

A refresher on specs for conventional, FHA, VA, USDA loans

Home Security, Another Way to Invest In Your Home

Homes face a number of security threats - natural, environmental, and from people. Identifying these and keeping them at bay can pay off for your clients now and when it is time to sell.

The Pros-and-Cons of Buying a New Home

Broken appliances and systems, drafty homes, and other issues may have homeowners wanting to buy new. This article includes a few FAQ to buying new!

Simple Improvements That Pack a Punch

Organizational systems are great value building options for home sellers. This article includes ideas for systems in four places in the household that won't break your sellers' the wallets and that are appreciated by homebuyers.

The Ins-and-Outs of Mortgage Insurance

Many people on your list may already be homeowners, but this is an opportunity to expand your sphere to include their children and beyond. In this article we cover conventional and FHA loans and their respective PMI and MIP mortgage insurance options.

What You Need to Know About Homes and Inherited Value

Buyers and sellers alike will appreciate knowing more about how capital gains tax impacts property inheritance. This article provides you with the opportunity to connect potential clients with estate/trust planning professionals, and an opportunity to grow your relationship with those same professionals as a referral source.

Curb Appeal - It Can Make Or Break Your Home Sale

Homes with great curb appeal generally sell for more and in a shorter period of time. This article addresses five items a seller should check in terms of setting a great first impression with a buyer.

Fixtures vs Personal Property

Does this stay with the property? Does this? Even once a fixture or personal property are defined, it can cause confusion. This article will clear up some of that gray area, but it will certainly get both buyers and sellers thinking about their next transaction!

House Hacking 101

House hacking has become top of mind with young homeowners, but all generations can receive financial benefit from renting parts of a property. There are so many options! This article is full of ideas and includes an example. The House Hacking Calculator is linked here as well so you can show your potential buyers or homeowners just how it is done!

Land Niche Prospecting Letters

In response to balancing housing shortages with density, environmental, and other concerns, many states are considering options that change what can be built on previously SFR-exclusive lots. For agents who want to get into the land-niche, this may be your opportunity to get in on the ground floor!

Buying a Vacation Home as a Business

Late spring and summer vacations are coming. Is a vacation rental in your clients' future? If so, let your clients know you are in the know when it comes to short-term rentals! This article can also spell referral opportunity for you if you play your cards right. We have also linked the Investment Cash Flow calculator below as that can be a great tool to help your clients determine the financial side of the vacation rental business.

Window Seals and Selling Your Home

A failed window seal can result in a foggy window and higher utility bills, but when selling, a failed window seal can be perceived as a sign of something much more concerning - deferred maintenance, an inefficient home, or even excess humidity. Let sellers know about the challenges with listing with a failed window seal and what options they have with this article (which is great to insert into your listing material too, by the way!).

This article contains a sentence at the end that you can remove or modify depending on the home-selling programs you participate in or offer. Look for the red.

We have linked the Seller Get Ready Checklist below for some other ideas that sellers may want to tackle before listing.

New Homes and Energy Efficiency

New Energy Codes are striving to make new homes more efficient than ever. This article outlines a few of the features that new home buyers should be looking for and evaluating including building envelope, insulation, windows, heating and cooling system, and appliances.

We've added a link to the New Washington State Energy Code article that outlines some of the changes that are impacting the building industry. Although Washington is just one state, it pays to know what is happening in your state, what builders are facing, and what buyers should be looking for.

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