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Homeowners Insurance Checkup

Homeowner insurance policies are fraught with confusing language that may have you wondering what you are really covered for in case of an emergency. Reviewing your policy and scheduling time with your insurance agent to review is a great plan. Here are some questions to begin the conversation.

Kick-Start Your Garage Goals

Are #GarageGoals on your mind? Here are suggestions to kick-start your garage organization plan just in time for summer! If you dread going into your garage and don’t think you can find what you are looking for, it is time to revamp that garage! This article would be great accompanied by photos of solutions that you or your clients may have implemented.

Median Sales Price v Average Sales Price

People are generally confused about what median sales prices are and why they are used as a metric. Now you have the tools to explain! Complete with table, math, and a structure that allows you to input your own local median and average sales prices, this article makes easy work of explaining what can be a complex issue.

What an Escalation Can Mean for your Bottom Line

An escalation clause can be a great tool for competitive buyers, but if they don't know how it will impact their bottom line, it can be scary. Demystify the process and empower your buyers!

My 7-Point Downsizing Checklist

Taking the first step to downsizing can be the hardest, but this article can help take the first step.

Summer Sale? Get Ready!

Summer is the most popular time of year to sell a home in most areas of the country. There are some things sellers should pay particular attention to for showing their home to prospective buyers.

Multiple Offers - Other Buyers Need a Home Letter

When you have multiple offers, there are still buyers who need homes. This spells opportunity for other area sellers. Get the word out in this letter.

My 24 Point Property Checklist

Someone wise once said, You don't make money when you make money when you buy." Show your buyers what to look for in their next property. Hint hint! This also is a great tool to use with overly-enthusiastic sellers who want to price their home above market.

How Wide Is The Buyer Pool for Your Property?

The wider the buyer pool, usually the higher the selling price. There are some things the homeowner can control and things he or she can't. Encourage your sellers to make the buyer pool as wide as possible within their control.

How Much Do Interest Rates Affect Payments?

A small adjustment in interest rates can really affect your bottom line. Just how much? It depends on the interest rate, the loan amount, and the duration of the loan!

Leased Property - What You Need to Know

There are a number of different types of leases that a buyer may encounter in a real estate transaction. This article provides a rough outline, but feel free to fill in additional information from your market.

Water Wise Homeownership

From installing drought-tolerant landscaping to low-flow faucets, today's water conservation technologies can save water and money for homeowners, and they can be used as a marketing tool for potential buyers!

Professional Photography - One of the Best Marketing Tools for Your Home

This article, including customize-able stats from the National Association of REALTORS, allows you to highlight one of the strongest tools in your listing toolbox. Include samples of your photos if you are able. If you use drone photography or 3D, include information on that as well.

Why Staging?

Staging is important for so many reasons! This article includes staging statistics from NAR that you can use with your own brand and graphics!

Measure Demand with Days on Market

This article, complete with graph, allows you to easily explain the importance of days on market when measuring the relationship between supply and demand. There is plenty of opportunity and direction to provide stats on your local market.

Thinking About Buying a Second Property?

There are many ways to invest in real estate. This article discusses different things to consider from types of property, timing, and finances.

Homeowner Tenure – New Trends and What You Need to Know

This article reviews why homeowners are staying in their homes longer and just how long did last year's owners stay?

Denise's 2019 Real Estate Predictions for Your Clients

Every year Denise prepares her predictions for housing market, based on facts, trends, careful analysis and decades of amassed experience. Here are her predictions in a format that is shareable with your clients. We strongly encourage you to add your own insights and to apply this knowledge to your local market when communicating with your clients.

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