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How to Plan for a Long-Distance Relocation

If you have recently learned about a long-distance relocation, your mind is likely swimming with thoughts of everything needed to prepare for the move. A great way to approach a big move is to think of it in three separate categories: Selling in your current location, buying in a new location, and the physical moving process itself.

Avoiding Buyer’s Remorse in a Multiple-Offer Market

Low mortgage interest rates plus low inventory has created a sellers’ market with multiple offers expected and sales prices soaring over asking price. These conditions equate to a very stressful environment for buyers. Your buyers can avoid buyer’s remorse by following the steps outlined in this article.

Financial Benefits of Selling Now to Move Up the Property Ladder

There is an opportunity for sellers to move up the property ladder. This article contains an example that you can customize for your local market conditions.

Are Open Floorplans Becoming a Thing of the Past?

Open-concept has been all the rage for decades, but has it met its match in COVID? This article says no, but explores how functionality of spaces has changed during the pandemic, and what we may see in the future as things return to normal.

How to Shop Around for the Best Mortgage

Shopping around for a mortgage that is the best fit for current and future goals can be a challenge. There are several things to evaluate - from the interest rate, points, appraisal fee, and more. The process of shopping around can literally save thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

Why the Pandemic Hasn’t Decelerated the Housing Market

It has been almost a year since the housing market blipped at the beginning of the pandemic, but after a short deceleration, everything has been pointing up. Why is that and what can we expect moving forward?

Hello New Home Decor Trends

We are moving away from clean and neutral to more textures and colors. Are your homeowner clients thinking about some updates?

How Much Do You Need to Save to Buy a House?

Buyers need guidance to know how much to save for buying a home

Common Listing Mistakes Made By Home Sellers

It can be tempting in a hot sellers market to cut corners which isn't in a seller's best interest

2021 Predictions for Agents to send to their Clients

Please feel free to use these as your own and insert your local data to supplement the national information we have included for you.

Should You Buy in a HOA?

There are pros and cons to living in an HOA, and buyers should make sure they understand what living in a HOA entails before making an offer.

Make Homeownership Part of Your Retirement Plan

There is a reason that the net worth of homeowners is so much higher than renters - appreciation and equity! But have you - or your homeowners - thought about how they might strategize their retirement around homeownership? this article explores a few thoughts. We always recommend reviewing plans with an accountant or financial advisor before making a move.

Smart Home Upgrades You Won’t Regret

Many of today's smart home technologies can either provide you with more security and convenience, but they can also save money in terms of improving energy efficiency.

Are Your Finances Ready for Homeownership?

Buyers may not take utilities, HOA, and maintenance into account when buying a home. This article addresses some things to think about.

Compromising When Buying a Home

Some common items buyers have to compromise on when buying a home: Age and condition, commute, square footage, cosmetic upgrades, architectural style.

Does Refinancing Make Financial Sense?

Your clients may be thinking about refinancing, but does it make sense to do so? If it was free, of course! But usually there is a cost involved which needs to be taken into consideration. How many months in savings will it take to "pay off" the refinance? Do the math!

Home Maintenance Skills All Homeowners Should Have

Great information to send to your homeowner clients - especially those first-time homebuyers. Knowing how to do some basic home maintenance can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every year.

Home Seller Q and A

What questions do sellers have for agents...and what questions do buyers have for sellers

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