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Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal This Winter

When people think of curb appeal they envision lush green lawns, vibrant trees, and garden beds filled with blooms. Although these elements create an inviting space for potential buyers, they are near impossible to achieve in the dead of winter. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t create a great first impression for buyers.

Most Common Reasons Real Estate Contracts Fall Through

Inspections, appraisals, contingencies, oh my! There are a number of reasons real estate transactions can fall through. A signed contract is no guarantee of a closing!

How to Recession-Proof Your Home Purchase

Recently, the frightening word of “recession” has been uttered from the mouths of some financial experts. Some imply that a recession is impending for the country and others think it is just hype. This article outlines how clients can protect themselves

Adding Hygge to Your Home Staging Strategy

Most people think of the obvious steps for staging a home. They know to apply a fresh coat of neutral paint, how to declutter, and fix any resounding maintenance issues. But will the house be inviting to potential buyers, or will it appear stark and cold? The key to appeal to buyers through home staging, especially during the winter months, is to add hygge into your house.

Discount Points and Your Mortgage

Discount points are a tool that savvy buyers may use in their home purchase. But does it always make sense to get the lowest interest rate? This article explains more.

Buying a Vacation Property

As the summer winds down, you might find yourself thinking of your summer vacation and thought to yourself, “I wonder what it would take to buy a vacation property there?” Buying a second property, whether for extra income, enjoyment, or both, is a step that many decide to do in their lifetime.

Evaluating the Economic Health of an Area

A healthy economy usually goes hand-in-hand with strong property appreciation, so it pays to do your homework. There are five things to look at when making this evaluation and this article outlines those.

10 Kitchen-Cleaning Essentials for Listing Your Home

The kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in the house and one that can be most difficult to keep clean and looking sharp for potential buyers. But with a little planning and deep-cleaning up front, you can keep the mess at bay. Included are ten recommendations for getting and keeping your kitchen in tip-top shape when it is listed.

Ideas for Improving Your Home's Lighting

Lighting in a room is as important as paint color and furniture and it is critical for whatever function the room dictates. However, many people don’t consider changing the lighting, especially if it includes built-in such as recessed lighting or flush-mount light boxes in the center of a bedrooms. You don’t have to settle! There is a lot of ways you can improve!

Investment Property Expenses – The Basics

If you are considering purchasing an income-producing property, whether for short-term or long-term rentals, although the rent (potential income) received is usually the most-attractive part of ownership (along with anticipated appreciation), expenses usually take a huge bite out of that income. And really, the potential gross income is not as important to your bottom line as the potential net income.

Today’s Mortgage – Almost 1000 Years in the Making

Have you ever thought about how people used to buy property before there were modern banks, mortgage brokers, and underwriting? Mortgages have been documented in history as early as 1190 in England common law documents. In these early mortgages, the lender still held title to the property and, in the event of a default, could sell the property in order to recover the damages. Fast forward to the 1900s...

Homeowners Insurance Checkup

Homeowner insurance policies are fraught with confusing language that may have you wondering what you are really covered for in case of an emergency. Reviewing your policy and scheduling time with your insurance agent to review is a great plan. Here are some questions to begin the conversation.

Kick-Start Your Garage Goals

Are #GarageGoals on your mind? Here are suggestions to kick-start your garage organization plan just in time for summer! If you dread going into your garage and don’t think you can find what you are looking for, it is time to revamp that garage! This article would be great accompanied by photos of solutions that you or your clients may have implemented.

Median Sales Price v Average Sales Price

People are generally confused about what median sales prices are and why they are used as a metric. Now you have the tools to explain! Complete with table, math, and a structure that allows you to input your own local median and average sales prices, this article makes easy work of explaining what can be a complex issue.

What an Escalation Can Mean for your Bottom Line

An escalation clause can be a great tool for competitive buyers, but if they don't know how it will impact their bottom line, it can be scary. Demystify the process and empower your buyers!

My 7-Point Downsizing Checklist

Taking the first step to downsizing can be the hardest, but this article can help take the first step.

Summer Sale? Get Ready!

Summer is the most popular time of year to sell a home in most areas of the country. There are some things sellers should pay particular attention to for showing their home to prospective buyers.

Multiple Offers - Other Buyers Need a Home Letter

When you have multiple offers, there are still buyers who need homes. This spells opportunity for other area sellers. Get the word out in this letter.

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