Accountability Why You Need It And Why It Works

Accountability Why You Need It And Why It Works

Discover the power of accountability and the impact that it has on peoples' lives.

"Denise, what's the one secret to get my business to the next level?"

This is a question I am asked quite often. Agents want to know the name of the magic potion of success so that they can whip up a batch of it.

The funny thing is that I DO actually have the recipe for this magic potion. In fact, it's incredibly simple. It's really just one word:


When I tell agents that this one word really is the magic potion of success, they are often shocked.

"Accountability", they say. "Really?"

Yes, really.

Then, I usually get one or more of the following excuses why they don't like accountability:

  • "Denise, I don't really need accountability."
  • "Denise, I can't stand having other people knowing what I'm doing."
  • "Denise, I tried that before. It didn't work."
  • "Denise, I'm a solo flyer."

These agents have not yet experienced the power of EFFECTIVE accountability.

So why is accountability so important? Why does it work so well when applied the right way?

I'll give you a strong visual example. Go onto Google right now. Go to "Images". Type in the search box, "Biggest Loser 2009". You will be shocked to see the before and after pictures of people who have experienced - and LIVED - though a heavy dose of accountability.

You probably know the television program The Biggest Loser, in which a group of overweight individuals are brought to a ranch for an extended period of time. They forcibly live, breathe and eat accountability all day long.

They're accountable for what time they get up in the morning. They're accountable for what they eat. They're accountable for how they exercise. They're accountable for every move they make.

What is the result?

100% success. Not 80%. Not 90%. 100% success! The people who stayed at that ranch - even the ones who didn't make it to the end - ALL had amazing transformations.

Why? Was it the exercise? Was it the diet? Was it the early morning wake up calls?

All of these things are just tools. They are useless without the ingredient known as accountability. It's the accountability that puts the tools to work at the highest level.

Look at the pages of history. All great accomplishments - including those by athletes, performers, CEO's, and business owners - had an element of accountability. Accountability is the fire that keeps their dreams alive.

There is nothing like having somebody to whom you are accountable. It has been proven time and time again that all humans perform better when we are accountable to others. We need others to give us a pep talk when we need it, a shoulder to cry on when we need it, and a push over the hard road when we need it.

The bottom line is that accountability works. This is extremely clear to me in the work that I do.

My Evolve group is a great example of accountability. Every January, I run a coaching group of select agents who want to grow their businesses. I structure the program with accountability as the main ingredient.

Everything the agents in Evolve do is looked at. Every number is analyzed. Every presentation is analyzed. All marketing materials are dissected and redone. All advertising is inspected and made over. We make sure follow-up is done when it should be. We make sure that every package is sent out when it should be. We make sure that every presentation is the best it can be.

What is the end result? Agents have successes in multiple areas of their business.

Does the agent change? No. But the agent's consistent actions DO change. They learn how to get the work done - with time left over to enjoy life. That's the difference.

You can't change a person's personality. You can't change the natural pace at which they work. But if you can show them-through accountability - the power of getting things done, then you can get them to work at a higher level of performance.

My final secret: Accountability is what I personally use to get everything done in my own life. Without it, I would not be here talking to you right now. Accountability is behind every Zebra Report, every live training, and every product I create.

I use accountability well. I use it often. I wouldn't run a business without it.

And neither should you.