WordPress 5: Getting Started with WordPress

In this webinar we will tour the WordPress 5 dashboard, show you how to how to edit your website content, how to add video and pictures, and provide you with some beginning knowledge for using this incredibly powerful and easy-to-use website manager. Presented by Randy Bowers, Director of Technology at The Lones Group.


00:00 Introduction to WordPress
01:13 Example WordPress websites
02:16 Accessing the WordPress 5 admin dashboard
03:09 WordPress 5 dashboard layout
06:57 How to perform manual updates
07:54 WordPress 5 media library
09:13 Comment management
10:11 Widgets
11:48 Plugin installation and mangement
14:00 Adding an account for an assistant
14:56 Settings and changing your email address
15:49 Blog posts in general, categories and tags
17:10 Editing pages, work space overview
22:02 Editing pages, working with text and blocks
27:10 Editing pages, bullet lists
28:02 Editing pages, sub-headings
28:35 Editing pages, adding pictures
29:30 Editing pages, testimonials and quotes
30:06 Editing pages, uploading and linking documents
31:16 Editing pages, adding videos
32:58 Editing pages, keyboard shortcuts
33:25 Editing pages, moving blocks of text
34:15 Editing pages, making your changes public
35:28 Editing posts
36:05 Editing posts, sticky posts
36:28 Editing posts, using categories
37:01 Editing posts, tagging
37:37 Navigation menus
39:35 Adding new menu items
41:48 Renaming menu items
42:24 Closing remarks