Post Closing 30-Day Follow-Up Email

Post Closing 30-Day Follow-Up Email

Use this email to solicit feedback and testimonials from your clients 30 days post-closing.

Dear Past Client,

We are now four weeks past your move and I hope everything is what you expected and better. However, if you find that something was missed or is not quite up to par, please let me know right away. (adjust further depending on if it is a buyer or a seller)

I am hoping you can help me. I always want to make the experience for my current and future clients even better and therefore I would appreciate your advice!

I have included links to review my services below (include a link to Zillow, Yelp, etc) and would appreciate your feedback. However, if you could answer the following questions for me privately, I would very much appreciate it:

  • What part of our working together and what part of the whole buying (or selling) process did you find most rewarding or enjoyable?
  • What was frustrating for you?
  • Was there one thing that I could have done that could have made your experience more memorable for you?

I appreciate our relationship and value your input. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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