Two Powerful Opportunities for Washington Agents

Two Powerful Opportunities for Washington Agents

When Governor Jay Inslee signed house bills 1110 and 1337 into law, he put in action changes that will have wide reaching consequences on real estate through-out Washington State. Yet, most real estate agents are clueless of the opportunities that these changes present and are ill-prepared to take advantage of the coming market. How will you adapt your business?

Every year around this time, the pace of the world changes. This year in-particular has, and is going to, challenge real estate agents like none other. Over the last year, Agents have had to deal with listing gridlock in our inventory-starved market and buyers who have lost their buying power. Many agents I talk to are feeling the pinch in the market.

Couple that frustration and exhausting circumstances with the massive change our Washington State real estate market is about to see and it becomes abundantly clear that if agents think they can conduct their business as usual, there simply won't be enough business to sustain them.

As a real estate coach, I work with agents all over these United States, but here closer to home I meet every month with agents in my ENCORE coaching group. Many of these agents have been coaching with me for years, becoming award winning icons among their peers, top agents in their market, and loved by their clients. Today's message is for you, agents out there in the field, who are unaware of the momentous change that has already begun in our state.

This moment reminds me of the mid-90s in which the rapid change in technology was going to have agents either getting on board and embracing the change or being left behind like dinosaurs wondering what that bright light is in the sky.

That may seem a bit dramatic, but I can assure you without any hesitation that the market is poised for some EXTRAORDINARY changes over the next two years. In fact, I would bet my three decades of experience on it. These extraordinary changes mean BIG OPPORTUNITY for those with the knowledge and strategy to take advantage of it.

That knowledge and strategy is going to be a focus in ENCORE over the next several months. I'll be teaching and guiding agents through how to capitalize on the opportunities of this change. In short, ENCORE is simply the most powerful tool you can have in your toolbox this fall to pivot your business towards opportunity.

Opportunity Number One

Here in Washington State, house bills 1337 and 1110 were signed into law this past May by Governor Jay Inslee. Many cities and counties are already hard at work, busily adopting the dramatic changes in these bills into their comprehensive plans. Some of the changes that you are going to see include:

  • More Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs).
  • Condo-ization of ADUs and residential units.
  • More Middle Housing Development including duplexes, triplexes, 4-plexes, and even 6-plexes.

In fact, we have been getting questions from agents already about issues around condo-ization, lending, valuation of ADUs, purchasing for future density development, and more. Big change is coming to Washington neighborhoods and you need to be prepared!

We have been hard at work, learning all we can about these changes and actually inserting ourselves into the local planning conversations so we can be at the cutting edge of what you need to know.

For the first time ever, we felt the need to arm our agents with advanced education to tackle these monumental changes coming to our market head-on and offer a special Housing Options Certification for those agents who have completed the training. Take a look at our training plan in more detail:

Evaluating Properties

The passage of HB 1337 and HB 1110 has shaken up the valuation of most properties. What used to be a SFR may now be a SFR with the potential of two ADU / DADUs. What does this mean for your sellers AND buyers? We are going to dig in and give you the knowledge!

Valuing a Property with an ADU / DADU

Too many agents are stuck when it comes to valuing a property with an ADU and as a result, sellers may leave money on the table. Price with confidence after this session!

Marketing a Property with an ADU / DADU

In this transition time, buyer education is paramount when selling a property with an ADU. A buyer might just see the price tag and assume they can't afford it. But what if you could package the listing with a little education? We will show you how!

Condo-izing an ADU / DADU

Yes, this becoming an issue you are going to need knowledge around. Some ADUs may be split off and sold as individual units. Does it make sense for your homeowner client to do this before selling and sell two units? Or does the single package make more sense? What about a buyer who can't afford the whole property and just wants a piece? Is there a process for this? You will learn in class!

4-6 Unit Future Potential

Is your seller in an area in which homeowners are selling to developers or there is a high likelihood of this happening? Or is the property in rough shape and this is something the seller should consider? What about a buyer who wants to buy the development potential and just hang onto it for a few years? Could spell big opportunity!

Marketing for Development Potential

We are going to take the lessons from the previous class a step further and talk about marketing a property for potential developers or investors who want to hold and sell to a developer.

Dealing with Developers

We are going to talk about dealing with developers OR how to refer a property out that will likely have a developer involved.

And more! We are going to be including additional tools, interviews, industry connections, lead generation ideas, and field trips to help you learn this new niche inside and out.

Check out our video that discusses this specialty training in more detail:

Opportunity Number Two

The second opportunity agents must be aware of and prepare for is THE WAVE! There is a wave of inventory coming from your past clients, your database, and from sellers who have had it with their homes and are ready to move, when the timing is right. How can you position yourself so you get the call when the moment arrives? We are tracking THE WAVE and are sharing information each and every month for our agents to prepare.

Between these two opportunities alone, how many additional transactions can ENCORE members get? One? Two? Three or more? The fact is, we already have agents who are benefitting from the limited information we have shared so far. That trickle of business will turn into a stream and into a river for agents who are well positioned. With additional transactions that are yours for the taking, ENCORE's annual cost of $6,990 is well worth it ($582.50 per month).

ENCORE includes

If you are here in Washington State, your business will be affected in the coming years by these opportunities. So, get ready for change! Make ENCORE part of your strategy:

  • One full day of live education in Lynnwood once a month with 34 other success-minded brokers.
  • Support between meetings from myself (Denise) and my whole team. Need transaction or business strategy? Or you might need help when encountering one of these new types of transactions. That additional help is included in your ENCORE membership.
  • Access to our Facebook Group that exchanges business referrals, vendor referrals, and important industry information.
  • A 30% discount on design and tech work if we have your brand elements on file.
  • A free Club Zebra membership (valued at $149.95 per month)

Learn more about our Encore coaching program here.

We have a very limited number of ENCORE seats left in anticipation of this education and the clock is ticking! If you would like to join us for this specialty training and would like to see if ENCORE is right for you, email me at to schedule an appointment or schedule online here.

Don't wait! Once those seats are gone, they will be gone.

Are you Ready for HB1337 and HB1110?

Think back to your business over the last year. Are you happy with where you are? Are you prepared to discuss the changes that HB 1337 and 1110 will bring to the market with clients? Is your pipeline overflowing with potential? If not, ENCORE can provide you with the edge you need to break through. It is the investment that will take your business needs to the next level. Reach out today!

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