Brand Refresh: Sharon Scott

Brand Refresh: Sharon Scott

Over the past eighteen years we've done a variety of small updates with Sharon's brand, originally built in 2005, but now it was time to really dive in switch-up from her eclectic past to a freshly refined new look!

We have been working with Sharon Scott since 2005 when Shauna built her first brand (one of Shauna's all-time favorites, by the way!). Sharon's life and business has changed since then and it was time for a real new brand.

Over the years we have done a few partial refreshes, but now it was time to really dive in. Her brand style previously was eclectic and bold, but this time around she needed a brand that was more-refined.

Clockwise from top-left: Letterhead, homebook cover, envelope back/front, business card

But don't think we didn't try the more eclectic route! Multi-color camouflage and bright orange was even on the table at one point. But in the end, we collectively opted for a bold, sans-serif monogram logo and a beautiful blue marble-like texture for the background. The contrast between the white and the blue provides for a little boldness, a little drama, but the overall brand is very classic.

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Sharon is really digging into other classic elements in her business as well. Her video background is full of black and white photos of historical figures and stars that inspire her. A little eclectic? Certainly! But that is the cool thing about brand development and evolution. We can grow through different stages in our lives, we can adjust for our markets and clientele, and we can keep it fresh! Sharon is a great example of an agent who keeps improving, learning, and adjusting and we were thrilled to help her with her new brand!

If you think you might be in need of a new brand or a brand refresh, schedule some time to talk with us. We can help!

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