Branding Spotlight: Sandra Hines

Branding Spotlight: Sandra Hines

Now with team members, it was time to refresh Sandra's gorgeous branding and create something updated that would support every team member - all without straying too far from her past business identity.

We had been working with Sandra for well over a decade and when she decided it was time for a brand refresh - we were ready, willing, and eager to help! Sandra has adjusted her business quite a bit over the last several years, but what hasn’t changed is her dedication to past clients. Her past client relationships are the driving force of her real estate business and she prides herself on creating new friendships with each and every transaction.

In her past brands that we had developed for Sandra, the color palette included either a nod to her home state of Texas, a combination of blue/green/copper patina, or some sort of natural and organic elements. Sandra, now with team members, needed to develop a fresh, new brand that still had some of the same natural and organic elements, but presented in a polished way that the others on her team would be comfortable using it too - both men and women

The result? A lovely natural and green/gold/neutral color palette with structure and a clean look for Hines Group Home Advisors. The green bar at the bottom includes a light texture of leaves. The logo is a simple "H" with a vine and leaves passing through it, creating the midpoint crossing of the H. It is subtle, but do you also see how the vines make an S in the logo, completing Sandra’s "SH" initials?

This brand refresh is replete with Sandra’s Natural Classic design style, and it is neutral enough for others on her team to be comfortable using it. Well done, Sandra! We can’t wait for your past clients to see your new brand!

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