Visual Bio: A Must-Have for Your Marketing Toolbox

Visual Bio: A Must-Have for Your Marketing Toolbox

Visual biographies are much more than a résumé or CV. When real estate agents show up at a listing presentation, this prop makes a huge first impression.

When is the last time you really reviewed your biography that you use with your listing/buyer presentation or on your website? Does it include paragraphs of text? If text is all you have to showcase your expertise and experience, you are missing out!

Enter - The Visual Bio!

A Visual Bio takes the best of what you bring to the table and brings it to life with visuals. Whereas a standard bio might rely on text and lists, a visual bio relies on formatted text with callouts, logos instead of lists, and sections that showcase your strengths.

Not sure what to include in your visual bio? Here are seven ideas for building a killer visual biography:

#1 Bio

By all means, include a bio, but try to keep it short and sweet. Make a personal connection. Call attention to your best value that you bring to the table. Using formatting like bold and italics can drive important points home and keeps your text interesting to read. You may also want to include headers that summarize each section (similar to the formatting of this Zebra Report) to break up the text.

#2 By the Numbers

What year did you get your license? How many transactions have you done? How many buyers and sellers have you worked with? How many houses? How many condos? How much land? What was your days on market average last year? How about sales-to-list-price ratio? How many 5-Star Reviews? Your numbers are important! Choose the ones that tell your professional story and highlight them.

Visually articulate your value and how you are better than your competition.

#3 Memberships

You are likely a member of your local MLS, but what about your local, state, and national REALTOR associations? CRS? SRES? Chamber of Commerce? Rotary? A local planning commission? Your memberships not only provide a highlight of your commitment to your profession, but it can also give the reader a glimpse into who you are personally. When possible, include the logos of these organizations instead of just providing a list.

#4 Certifications and Designations

Most agents have at least one certification or designation. Some agents, however, take education to another level! If that sounds like you, gather up those hard-earned logos and include a section on your bio just to highlight these!

Listing Presentation System
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#5 Areas of Expertise

Do you specialize in first-time homebuyers, equestrian properties, historic homes, seniors, waterfront homes, investment properties, or one of the hundreds of niche properties or demographics? Highlight these with icons or a photo!

#6 Volunteer and Community Connections

Where you volunteer in your community really can help a potential client understand your values - and connect with you over these! Again, include logos if you can!

Highlight your volunteer and community connections visually!

#7 Reviews

A collection of reviews can also paint a picture of the impact of your service. If you still have room with all the other sections you have added, choose 2-3 reviews that are a good representation of the client experience. Include stars if you’ve got 'em!

The goal with the Visual Bio is to wow and leave no question that you are the most qualified person for the job. Once you have it on paper, make sure your website shines with this information too!

Need Help with Your Visual Bio?

You don't have to go it alone! Save yourself the headache, actually get it done, and leave the design and formatting of an incredible visual biography to the experts! We can even help with the research and compose your biography for you. Contact us at or schedule a free consultation to get started.

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