Branding Spotlight: New Website for Kaaleen Gassin

Branding Spotlight: New Website for Kaaleen Gassin

Kaaleen's beautiful new website showcases her unique branding and embodies her "Mountains to the Sea" real estate business perfectly, all while saving time, keeping visitors engaged, and growing her audience.

In this week's Zebra Report we are highlighting features from Kaaleen Gassin's beautifully branded real estate website! Custom built by The Lones Group on the AgentFire platform, this website has a lot to offer.

This website project had several important needs to fulfill. Kaaleen wanted a website that would emphasize the breadth and diversity of her large territory and present regularly updated information, but still be accessible and easy to navigate for her visitors. It needed to be easy to keep current as new testimonials roll in. And she wanted to make sure that visitors had lots of ways to interact with her - by sharing her Instagram posts and an opportunity to join her newsletter - all without taking up a lot of her time to manage it.

Exploring from "Mountains to the Sea"

Kaaleen's territory covers a big area, nearly a dozen counties in southwest Washington State. Kaaleen loves her area and she really embraces her motto of, "selling homes and land from the mountains to the sea." It only made sense that her website do the same.

We started by creating a beautiful, interactive map that shows visitors where she works, making the area more familiar for both locals and relocating visitors alike. Each county on the map is clickable, visitors to a page that leads them on to detailed information about each city in the area and highlights past content from her blog from that county.

Every city she calls attention to - nearly one-hundred in total - includes eye-catching and up-to-date demographics, an interactive local map with points of interest, market facts, current listings, and even recommendations for local dining, shopping, and other local features. But Kaaleen doesn't need to spend time updating this herself - her site is connected to her MLS and other data sources that do all of this for her! These detailed community pages aren't just loved by search engines, but visitors love them too and they include many prompts that allow them to contact Kaaleen to learn more.

Saving Her Time

If having an MLS connection and updated market facts, local data, and demographics wasn't enough, Kaaleen's website saves her time in other ways too. We've also connected her website to her Zillow reviews - when a new glowing review of Kaaleen is made, that review automatically becomes available on her website, both on her homepage, her bio page, and her testimonials pages.

When she posts a new blog entry, Kaaleen's website has the ability to place social media posts to her Facebook business page and other profiles, expanding her readership without taking up more of her time. Not only that, but if Kaaleen isn't in the mood to write her own content, she can affordably coordinate with professional writers and request new content be written by AgentFire's own real estate experts.

Kaaleen also loves Instagram and sharing photos of the beautiful places that she travels through. It only made sense to include this on her website too. Now, every time she adds a new photo to her business Instagram, her website automatically picks it up and shares it with her visitors. They can easily follow her Instagram from her website too - growing her following even further.

Growing Her Audience

A connection to Instagram isn't the only way that Kaaleen's website grows her audience. We have also added a place where visitors can subscribe to her newsletter. Subscribing visitors are automatically added to her newsletter service at MailChimp without any extra work by Kaaleen.

Finally, every visitor that reaches out through her website is captured by her customer relations management (CRM) tools. She has a quick-and-easy tool that she can consult in her website's dashboard. Kaaleen can also connect her website to other CRM services like Wise Agent, Follow-Up Boss, Lion Desk, Top Producer, and others too - making it quick-and-easy for her to stay on top of any new leads.

Want an Incredible Website of Your Own?

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