Brand Reveal: Tyler Ware

Brand Reveal: Tyler Ware

A positive, inspirational, and driven message using real estate to build others up.

We were so excited to begin work with Tyler a few months ago. He is a positive, inspirational, and driven person who is using his real estate business to build others up. We are honored to be able to visually tell his story through his brand!

Tyler hasn’t always been the driven and positive person he is today. As someone who pulled himself up from what many would consider rock bottom, Tyler is not ashamed to share his story and is proud to focus on working with clients that may not believe the dream of home ownership is possible.

An important element of Tyler that he wanted incorporated in his brand was this rocky climb and the obstacles overcome. The slogan "One Step At A Time, Every Step of the Way" resonates with Tyler's journey and is critical in what he provides to his clients - hands-on service with a background that helps him relate to anyone.

Entering the branding process, it was clear that a logo with strong meaning was critical to the overall brand as it would be something he could use as a stand-alone element on many different types of media. Our design team went to work, exploring concepts involving lions, gorillas, and crowns, to rocks and keys. The clear winner was an "Excalibur" concept, featuring "Tyler's Key" that only he could pull from the rocky slope.

Once the logo was established, we balanced the logo’s rocky texture and strong, dark, natural colors with a warm wood and blue script.

Tyler's brand came together to be something he, and we!, can't wait to share with the world.

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