Branding Spotlight: Brochures & Rack Cards

Branding Spotlight: Brochures & Rack Cards

Bigger than a business card but smaller than a flyer or packet, a rack card or brochure can deliver lots of information about events, listings, and services.

Rack cards are approximately 8.5”x3.625”, or about 1/3 of a sheet of paper. They’re usually printed on cardstock, and can deliver lots of information about events, listings, and services. Their relatively small size means they are perfect for counter-top display at the office or an open house, and they’re usually inexpensive to print.

Many brochures are the same size as a rack card when folded, but they open up to give you more space for content. Trifolds are a business staple, but there are multiple fold types and styles. Bi-folds are just folded in half, while quad-folds have 4 layers when finished. When it comes to folding, there’s the accordion fold, z-fold, gate fold, double-gate fold, roll-fold, double parallel fold, and half-fold. Then you have the paper-size, which commonly ranges from smaller than a letter (8.5x11”) to tabloid size (11x17”).

With all these options, how do you choose?

First, pick your topic. Some of our clients’ favorite topics for their brochures and rack-cards include seller services, buyer services, real estate investing, and niche interests (e.g. waterfront, first time buyers, historic restorations, senior services). Then think of how you would distribute the brochure (e.g. hand deliver, display at the office, open house give-aways, or mailing). Finally, work with your printer to see what is available and what fits your budget.

Example 1: Trifold Brochure

A broker wants to market to first-time home-buyers and plans a mailing campaign to renters. A classic trifold is economical and the back panel can be designed for bulk mailing, which saves on postage. These can also be hand-delivered and given away at buyer consultations.

Example 2: Gate-fold Brochure

A broker wanted to market seller services to a luxury price-point and would hand-deliver and display the brochures as needed. A gate-fold brochure would convey exclusivity.

Example 3: Rack Card

A broker wants to highlight their SRES certification and the services they offer, which are applicable for buyers and sellers. An easy-to-read rack-card with the pertinent information can be slipped into every client package and passed out independently.

Rack Card

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