Branding Spotlight: Nick Litvinchuk

Branding Spotlight: Nick Litvinchuk

A brand with an angle that’s simple and versatile, creating a polished foundation for marketing and information.

Nick’s brand has a new angle — as in the brand is built on 60° and 120° angles with a modern, modular application. The roofline watermark in the background employs these angles exclusively, but the vectors continue beyond the edge of a house, giving it a blue-print sketch style. The footer uses these angles to bracket the website, and even his portrait is in an elongated hexagon. This creates a visual cue that isn’t a logo or font to help Nick’s brand stand out and stay consistent.

The charcoal and blue palette is gentle but authoritative. He chose a single font to use throughout his branding for an easy reading and a clean look. His logo uses negative space to let the eye complete the monogram. His new branding is simple and versatile, while creating a polished foundation for all his marketing and information. We’re excited to see where Nick is going to take his branding next.

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